The Fear Inside

December 11, 2010
By msfabulous219 BRONZE, New Yrok, New York
msfabulous219 BRONZE, New Yrok, New York
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I lay on my bed alone keeping from making any noise even though i want to scream. I know something will happen tonight just like every other night, that same man will come into my room the same evil look on his face the same wicked grin that causes me to shiver. My mom and dad are asleep in the room across from me while i can still hear my older sister Katy talking on the phone with her boyfriend. I wish i could just run to her for cover but i know she will just send me back to my room and my parents will probably just get mad that i have awoken them. I stay silent scared to my knees shaking just wondering why does he do this? why does he wish to torture me? The darkness tricks my eyes into seeing shadows dancing around my room just adding more to the fear that I already have piled up inside. It's as if I can't move, i can't do anything to make the beat of my heart slow down, to keep him from coming. Then i see it the closet door creeping open i want to yell stay away from me but my words stay frozen on the tip of my tongue. He comes closer and closer, i begin to feel tears sliding down my cheek falling onto my flower patter blanket that i just want to hide under knowing that it won't make a difference. The funny thing is that i never know how it ends or if it's a dream but it all seems to real. When he gets to my bed he looks at me deep into me with his intensing dark eyes and whispers the words follow me i feel as if I am no longer here. I roll out of my bed as he takes my hand and leads me to my closet except when i enter it isn't what it's always been, it has become a dark hole that i am soon pushed into. I guess this is how it ends and suddenly it's morning my room is no longer darkness and when i reach over to my closet everything is back to normal only untill later

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