December 9, 2010
By AudreyC BRONZE, Nope :), North Carolina
AudreyC BRONZE, Nope :), North Carolina
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Darkness creeps through the shadows around me. The street looked like the one i took to get to my friends house, but now everything looks different.
the cheerful streets of small kids playing and some teenage guys throwing the football around has become an abyss of silence and slinking shadows. I tug my coat tight around my shoulders so as to ward of the shadow, but the feeling of loneliness intensifies and makes me more aware of the growing cold.
something moves in the corner of my eye. a shadow. the one that has been following me. I spin around to catch the creator of the shadow, but the street behind me stands empty.
Not one human soul in sight.
my imagination begins to run wild thinking of ghost and demons or any host of things that may be following me unseen. the single streetlight flickers. a dark presence seems to fill my vision. the blackness of the night grows darker. i can barely keep myself from screaming. a clang comes from the alley to my left. I jump and scream. my heart is beating faster than the speed of light. i don't know what to do, i begin to run, hoping and praying that someone will come. someone will come and save me. there has to be someone nearby who can help. someone.
someone will come.
someone who cares will come and save me from this shadow of fear.

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