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The Bracelet- Prologue

December 8, 2010
By livingmylife4512 SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
livingmylife4512 SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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Any lyric by The Maine or Never Shout Never
"I am I, you are you, we are we, we could live in such harmony"

"...And sometimes the proof will turn out like that." My geometry teacher, Mr. Mason, was going on about a new section in our chapter, but I wasn't thinking about that; I was too busy trying to figure out Daniel.
As he raises his hand to ask a question I assume, I watch as the four bracelets on his arm fall down near his elbow until they come to a stop. Everyday I wonder what those tiny letters and numbers mean. It could just be a feeling, but those four bracelets mean something. I just have to find out what.

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