The Barber Shop

December 14, 2010
It was the day of homecoming and I was in desperate need of a haircut. I needed to meet my date at 5:00 and it was already 4:10! I quickly got in my car and drove around town looking for a barber shop. I finally found one. The sign read: Cut and Slash Barber Shop. I had to admit, the sign did give me the creeps. I pulled into the vacant parking lot and got out of my car. A horrid feeling churned in my gut and I knew right away that something was wrong. I glanced at my watch and almost screamed because it was already 4:20! As much as I really didn’t feel right about the place, I had to get a haircut now or I was going to be showing up to the dance with a hat over my head. So I took a deep breath and opened the door.

I was greeted by a gust of musty warm air that smelled like feet. I wrinkled my nose and looked around the empty room, but there was no one there. There was a small desk to the right corner and a few barber chairs, but that was it.
“Hello? Is anyone here? I’d really like it if I could get a haircut please.” I called.
My eyes fell upon a large wooden door on the back wall. The door creaked open and a short bald man with piercing green eyes came out. He shuffled towards me and said, “How do you do? I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting. My name is Corgon Cripper.”

“Hello...uh Mr. Cripper. My name is Gretchen and I really need of a haircut! I have to be somewhere in…” I glanced at my watch and my eyes bulged at the numbers that looked up at me: 4:30. “In 30 minutes! Ah time has gone by so fast.” I said.

“Oh my. Yes I can take you right away. Come have a seat dear.”
He placed his hand on my arm and guided me to a seat. Not only was his hand ice cold, but his finger nails were as sharp and pointed as knives. The hairs along my neck began to rise and my blood turned cold. I quickly pulled away from his hand and sat down in the lumpy chair.

“I would like to have a shoulder length cut with lots of layers.” I told him.
“Sure. Sure. Anything for you Miss.” He grinned. His teeth were stained yellow and a smell like garbage came out from his breath.

It tried not to gag, in fear I would embarrass him.

“Just close your eyes and relax,” he said.
I did as I was told and felt him prodding through my hair. I heard the snip of the scissors and the soft thump of the hair falling on the tiled floor. All of a sudden I heard a loud bang coming from the wooden door Mr. Cripper had come out of. I opened my eyes and turned towards the noise. The door was wide open and two bright gleaming eyes stared out from the pitch blackness behind the door. I screamed and startled Mr. Cripper because he accidently scratched the side of my cheek. I could feel warm blood begin to ooze from the cut. I turned towards the mirror and gasped at my reflection. The cut was huge and more and more blood started to poor out.
“Oh my gosh! Look what you did!” I shouted! “How am I going to go to Homecoming with a big cut on my cheek?” I screamed.
I turned towards Mr. Cripper and noticed that he didn’t have any scissors in his hand. But there still was a lock of hair between his fingers and I was horrified to realize that he had been cutting my hair with his overgrown finger nails!
“I’m so sorry Miss. I just love your hair. It’s just so pretty.” said Mr. Cripper.
“Get away from me you creep! I’m getting out of here!” I jumped up from my seat and almost fainted when I saw those two piercing yellow eyes from behind the wooden door.
I ran out of the store and almost tripped on my shoe strings before tumbling into the car. I put the keys in the ignition and tried starting the car, but it wouldn’t work. I looked out the window and saw Mr. Cripper come out the door and slowly walk towards my car. He still held a piece of my hair that he had cut and was rubbing it against his chubby cheek.
“Oh Miss? I’m not done with you yet!” He yelled.
I screamed and prayed the car would start. I started the car one more time and the engine sputtered to life. I stomped on the gas and flew out of the parking lot without a backward glance.

I raced home and ran to my bathroom shaking as I looked at myself in the mirror. Blood was dripping down my cheek and had pooled around my feet. I reached for a towel when I noticed my hair in the mirror’s reflection. I gasped as I studied it. It looked good. Actually, it looked perfect. The layers were cut so perfectly around my face and the length was just right. I started laughing and crying all at the same time.

“Wow Mr. Cripper…for a creepy old guy, you did pretty well!”

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