Long Fingernails and Big Red Lips

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

A man named James was driving in West Virginia. There was a very big thunder storm, and the power was out. So, James could not find a hotel to get good nights sleep and be safe from the storm.

After driving many miles, he came upon a hotel. The hotel was on an old raggedy road. It had a blue florescent light reading “Taylor Inn.” James got out of his blue Camry and rushed into the door. Standing at the counter was an older man; he had a blue suit on and a greenish tint to him. The large man stood as if his spine couldn’t be moved.

“Do you have a room available?” he asked.

“Only one room is left,” he replied. “There is only one rule in this hotel, do not remove the carpet from under your bed.”

James grabbed the key and fumbled up the stairs to his small room, relieved to finally have a bed. He did his pre-bed routine, and stumbled in bed. At that very moment he remembered what the strange man had said, “do not remove the carpet from under the bed.” It was bothering James so he leaped out of the bed pushed the bed back and there laid a carpet that said welcome. James wasn’t the smartest man so he picked up the dusty old carpet and threw it next to his left knee. Under the carpet was a door, an old rusty door. James still questioned what was going but he knew something bad was going to happen if he opened that small door.

James pushed his bed back, and tried to go to sleep. He could not do it. “I’ve got to know what’s under that carpet,” he said to himself. James once again leaped out of bed, shoved the bed away ripped the mat away and there lay the door. He put his hand on the doorknob and twisted. At that instant a rush went through his body and under that very door was a set of stairs.

“I’ve gone this far, I might as well go down,” James said to himself.

He slid his body down the tight space and crawled down the stairs and all that was down there was a dark room the size of a basketball floor. There did not seem to be anything down there until James looked at the very far corner there was a figure a dark figure that James could not make out.

Then a rumbling voice said “do you know what I can do with my long fingernails and my big red lips.”
James shocked by the rumbling voice did not respond, and the figure repeated it’s self.
“Do you know what I can do with my long fingernails and my big red lips.” The voice roared through the room as if god was talking.
James rushed up the stairs, closed the door, placed the mat on top, and scooted the bed back. He did not know what to think but he knew he was scared. Then he heard the voice one more.
“Do you know what I can do with my long fingernails and big red lips?”
The figure was coming out from under the bed; James shrieked like a little kid and ran to the door. He got down the stairs placed the key on the counter and go the heck out of that hotel. Once in his car James felt safe. He started to drive not even looking back to see where that black figure was. 32 miles down the road the car stopped, he was out of gas. James steps out of the car and walks to a gas station a ¼ mile down the road. Once James arrived he took 2 quarters out of his pocket and placed them in the phone booth. He called a taxi to come pick him up. While James was waiting on the taxi he decided to go into the store and buy a drink. James got a mountain dew and placed it on the table for the cashier to scan. The cashier turned around and it was that same dark figure.
“Do you know what I can do with my long fingernails and my big red lips?” he roared once again.
Luckily for James the cab was there he hopped in it.
“Take me to the nearest airport.” He screamed.

The cab driver took him to the West Virginia national airport. James got a flight to Nevada that left in an hour he knew he’d be safe. It was time to board the plane and James was first in line. He got on the plane put his one duffle bag in the luggage compartment and sat in his chair. The flight took off and a weight was lifted off James’ shoulders. A few minutes in the air the captain came on the intercom and a booming voice said.
“Do you know what I can do with my long fingernails and big red lips, James Johnson?”
James grabbed a parachute and leaped off the plane. He thought to himself the figure will never think I’d return to the hotel in the room he was. James had a plan. Once James landed he rented a car and drove to the “Taylor Inn.” He saw the old scary man got his key ran up to his room pushed the bed away, ran down the stairs, and sat in the very corner the figure was.
James sat for a good 45 minutes when he saw the figure coming down the stairs.
“Do you know what I can do with my long fingernails and my big red lips?” The voice rumbled.
‘What, what can you do,” James responded he couldn’t take it anymore.
The black figure had a deranged look and he brought his one finger to his lip and flipped his finger up and down making noise with his mouth. Blob blob blob blob.

The author's comments:
To: TeenInk

Long Fingernails and Big Red Lips is about a young man named James who is driving through the state of West Virginia during a bad storm. The power is out in the whole a state and James cannot find a hotel, when all of a sudden he comes upon the “Taylor Inn.” This hotel isn’t a regular hotel and strange things begin to happen.

I wrote this story because my uncle told me this story as a boy and I thought it was the grandest thing of all time. This story has fun, laughs and scares. It made me want to hear it every day so, every time I met up with my uncle he would tell it to me. This story meant a lot to me and I want to share it to the world.

I think this story should be published because it has many aspects to it. Long Fingernails and Big Red Lips has humor and shock, fright and fun. I think it would bring joy to kids and teens all across the country and could be loved as I loved it.

Michael JEnkins

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