December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

“Come Back, Come Back, Don’t be afraid. COME BACK”

Thump, thump. That was the sound of the soles of my shoes hitting the gravel. I was struggling to breath. I tripped as the ground suddenly turned from gravel to pavement.

“COME BACK” she wailed

I had to keep going. As I pulled myself up from the ground I noticed I had skinned my knee, it was not a big deal, it was nothing if she got me.

“COME BACK” she wailed “PLEASE” she screamed.

I saw my house in the distance. Yes I said in my head. I did not dare say it out loud. As I continued to run my house got closer. I was running. As I got to the door I did not slow down. I ran up the stairs and to my room. I knew I was safe. I laid down on my bed and thought. I thought about my mom and dad and about everything. I realized I should write it down. I got up and got my laptop and sat back down on my bed.

I am Rachel Cassidy Moore and this is my story.

I live with my older brother William, or Will as we call him. No one calls him William except my grandmother. My younger brother Colby, my mom Mary-ann, and my dad Ryan.

I was on the way to school one cold misty morning. I walked to my best friend, Amanda Bradley’s house, most kids call her Mandy because she is a tomboy. Her hair goes to her chin and it is dirty blond.

“Hey” I called as she walked out the door.

“sup” she said as she walked over to me.

Today she had on dark skinny jeans, and a black sweat shirt. She preferred darker colors, where I liked bright colors. Today I had blue jeans, and a teal sweat shirt. Her backpack was dark brown and mine was a handle bag that I held to the side, it was pink. We were so different I didn’t know how we got along, but we did.

When we walked in the school. It was totally crazy. Mandy walked over to Chloe and asked what was going on. “Well, you know the haunted house up the street from the supermarket” Chloe asked.

“Ya” Mandy answered

“Well two freshmen went to the house a few days ago and they saw something” Chloe was so excited she was almost screaming.

“What did the see” Mandy asked. By this point I knew what Mandy really wanted. She was going to drag me over to this haunted house.

“The freshmen won’t tell us” Chloe said pouting. Chloe walked away when someone called her name. “talk to you guys later” she said “Oh hi Rachel” she added as she noticed me. I was not popular at school. Mandy was way more popular than me,but I didn’t care. I turned around to look at Mandy, she had a grin on her face that told me what she was thinking.

“No” I said before she could even say anything.

“Oh please” she wined.

“No, No, No” I said
“Don’t be a baby” she teased “Wa, Wa, Wa” she teased
“FINE” I yelled back at her. Then as if on cue the bell rang telling us that it was time for period one. I was walking to my first class. I had social studies first today. I walked in and sat down. I dreaded later tonight. I did not want to go to the haunted house. The longer I sat the more I thought about what happened in the house.

About five years ago a woman lived in that house with her husband and three kids. The kids went to our school. Their names were Mary, Alice and I think the other ones name was Lillian but I am not sure. They were one year apart. Lillian was in our grade. She always had a dress on. She never talked to anyone. One day they just stopped going to school, the school called the police and they went to the house to talk to them. When they got there two of the girls were laying on the couch. The house was a mess. The youngest, Mary, came up to them, and said “Daddy is up stairs sleeping”.. The police walked up the stairs and found the husband dead on the bed and the wife was missing. The checked the body of the husband and realized that he had been dead for at leased a week. They found a large gash in his head and a pipe laying a few feet away. It was a horrific scene.

A month later they found the wife in the woods dead. They thought what happened was the wife left when she saw the police car and got lost running from the crime scene. Now the police were scared. They walked back to the house and found all the girls dead. Now they say the girls still live in the house with the father.

RING, RING, RING, that signaled me to go to my next class. I dreaded going home.

Later that night I was dressed all in black. I had a black sweat shirt Black sweat pants and black shoes. Mandy was dressed all in black, and Will was dressed in black.

See Will got tied in here when my mom asked why we were dressed all in black and we said to go to a night movie and she told us we had to bring Will. We were walking out the door and Colby came up and asked us where we were going.

“ the movies” I said

“Let me go, Let me go” he chanted

“No it’s too late” I said “Mom” I called

“Just bring him with you” my mom called from the other room.

After lots of arguing we left with Colby. My mom and I did not get along with each other. We were just the opposite of each other. My dad said I got my stubbornness from my mom and that was why we fought so much. I disagreed.

We climbed into Will’s car.

“so where are we really going?” he asked

“the haunted house” Mandy replied

“OH COOL” Colby said

It was quiet all the way to the house.

When we got there we were shocked at the state of the house. The house was falling apart. The grass was a light color of green said the grass had died years ago. The grass was up to Colby’s knees. The roof was caving in and the walls were stained a dark mix of brown and green. We walked up the steps and noticed two holes. I bent down to look inside the deep black hole, and all I saw was darkness. I went to open the door but it was falling off the hinges. The house looks even scarer in the eerie yellow light that covered the house from the street light on the corner. I pulled the door and the door flew open. I got a strong whiff of mold and must. Colby started coughing.

“Do you want to sit in the car” Will asked nicely

“No I want to stay with you guys” Colby said

We walk inside and flicked on our flashlights.

“Wow, this place is so cool” Mandy said in awe

There was trash all over the floor. The table had cups of milk on it. I went over to look at the milk and realized that it was solid. I pushed it over with my flashlight and bugs crawled out.

“AAAHHH” I screamed in terror. “this place is nasty” I said

“Wow come here” Mandy called from the other room

I walked in and the living room was even worse that the kitchen.

“Look, see the couch, thats were the girls died” Mandy said in a dark voice. “ I dare you to sit on it” she added with a evil laugh.

“No, you sit on it” I shot back

“OK on the count of three we will both sit on it together.” She said

“1, 2, 3” I counted

As the two of us sat down on the old couch a large cloud of dust came flying up. It took the shape of three people. They looked at us and then it disappeared.

“D...Did you see that” Mandy said, but she sounded more excited then scared.

“Ya, now lets go, I don’t want to stay around to find them again” I said

“No a few more rooms” Mandy insisted “lets take a vote, who wants to stay” she said. And then all the hands but mine went up. “Ok then lets go” she said vary happy with her self.

“Fine” I said angrily.

We walked up the stairs and the first room we guessed was the fathers. The bodies had been cleaned out long ago but it still creeped me out. ?
“I don’t wanna be here” I wined

The room was filled with trash. The bed was pushed back to the wall. It was hard to tell the color of the bed spread but it looked like it was blue. The walls were an eerie color of light yellow. The walls we guessed were a light yellow but because the wall had dark green sludge, which I guessed was moss from the dampness in the room. I walls also had an eerie color because of the street light flooding in from the outside the window. I was walking and tripped on something on the floor. I landed hard. I pulled myself off the ground and look over at what I tripped on. I was horrified at what I saw. I tripped over the pipe.

No one said anything for a minute. Then all of the sudden more dust came up from the pipe. It changed into a person and then like the people on the couch it disappeared.

After this we ran out of the house. We got in the car and no one said a word until we were almost home.

“Please Colby, don’t tell mom. We will all get in trouble” Will said

“Ok” Colby answered. Then it was quiet all the way home.

We walked in the door and mom came up to us.

“How was the movie” she asked

“Fine” I answered

“Can Mandy stay over tonight” I asked

“Fine with me, is it ok with your mom” she asked

“Ya my mom is out of town for the week.” Mandy said

“Ok” she agreed. “Was the movie to scary for my little Colby” she asked in a baby voice.

“No mommy” Colby said sweetly

“Ok good” she said

Me and Mandy walked up the stairs to my room. I was shaking. We pulled my door open and walked into my room. We got blankets and set them up on my light pink carpet. We laid down and fell asleep. We did not want to talk, we had nothing to say. I fell asleep.

I had a horrible nightmare that night. I dreamed I was standing next to the couch. No one could see me. I watched the mom walk in the door. The girls jumped off the couch. They stood up straight and tall.

“Hi Mommy” Mary said

“How was your day” Lillian added

“FINE” The mom snapped. She pushed by the girls and went up stairs. The girls went back and sat on the stairs. I followed the girls to the stairs. I heard the parents yelling. Then I heard a loud clank. The girls ran up stairs. They threw open the door and saw the dad on the bed. They ran over to him and looked down.

“Daddy” Alice said. The mom pushed by the girls again and threatened

“If you ever tell...”. Then she walked out the door.

I snapped awake. I was shaking. I looked out the window and realized that it was almost morning. I looked over at my alarm clock. It was 7:00. I rolled over and just laid there. I pulled the blanket over my head. I felt safer like this. I knew I was not safe. I laid there until Mandy poked me in the back.

“Are you awake” She asked

“Ya” I answered

“You will never guess my dream” she said. She told me about it.

“That was my dream too” I replied

“We have to go back” she told me

“I know” I said sadly

That night me, Mandy, and Will all went back to the house. We walked in the door. We jumped on the bed. A shadow person came up out of the dust.

We walked over to the shadow and tried to talk to it.

“Um.. are you a boy or a girl?” I tried to ask. It did not answer. I guessed that would happen so I brought a piece of chalk. I walked over to the wall and wrote in large letters, BOY on one side and GIRL on the other side.

“Can you point.” I asked. The figure floated over and pointed to the words BOY. Then I walked over and under BOY and GIRL I put YES and NO.

“Did you live here?” I asked. the figure floated over and pointed to YES. I glanced at Mandy, she nodded at me. I looked at Will next, he gave me a thumbs up.

“Are your daughters here” I asked. My voice was staring to shake. He pointed at yes. Then three more dust figures came in.

I looked at the man and said “Is your wife here.” He started to point to yes then came a big bang that sounded like a glass braking. Another dusty figure floated in. This figure was way clearer than the others. I could make out that it was a woman. She had a dress on. It looked light pink, but it was hard to tell. The dress looked tattered. She had sticks in her long dark tangled hair. She had bare feet. When she entered the room I felt a cold breeze. She had pale skin and big dark brown sad looking eyes.

“A...are you the wife” I asked. I was shaking this time. She opened her mouth. A rush of ice cold air chilled the room.

“GET OUT.” she screamed. I looked in the deep dark cold eyes. I was so scared that I ran from the house. I could hear the sound of loose shoes hitting the rotting wood floor, that told me that Mandy was right behind me.

I jumped in the back seat of the car, within a few extremely long seconds Mandy and Will got in and we sped away.

This time Mandy was the first to speak.

“Can you believe what we saw?” she said excitedly.

“Ya and now I want to forget it” I said.

“Well after all it was pretty scary” Will said. After a short five minute drive Will parked the car in the driveway and we got out of the car and walked in the house. I pulled open the heavy wooden door and walked in. It was colder inside then it was outside.

“Mom must not be home” I said to Will.

“But she gets out at 5:00.” Will reminded me. I looked at the clock and realized that it was 7:00.

“Oh she had to bring Colby to the dentist” I remembered.

“Cool, I call TV” Will said as he ran to the couch.

“Fine, We get playroom” Mandy shouted back. We walked in the playroom. We put an old movie in and pulled out the couch bed. After a wile I looked over at Mandy and she was asleep. I felt my eyes getting heavy and soon I fell asleep.

This time in my dream I was up stairs. I saw a man in his 30s. He was nervously pacing back and fourth. He looked out the large window and saw a car pull up. He had a nervous look on his face. I heard the front door shut hard. I looked over at the husband. He look horrified.

“Hi mommy, How was your day” I heard from down stairs. Then I heard someone bound up the stairs. The door flew open.

“H..hi Hun, um how was your day” The father asked cautiously

“Fine” She spat. “why are you home so early”. she asked

“” he stuttered

“Spit it out” she yelled

“Um...My job was cut” he said and flinched

“What, you lost another job!” she screamed. She pushed him. he stumbled and fell back on the bed.

“Look at all the repairs we need to do in this house” she yelled.

“I’m sorry” He said

“Look there are pipes that are coming out of the walls” she screamed. she picked one up off the floor.

“Maybe you will learn if one falls on your head” she spat. She walked over to him and lightly bopped him on the head.

“Oww” he winced

“You baby” she shot back. She walked back and hit him a little harder.

“Oww” he cried. This time he had tears in his eyes.

“Maybe this will teach you how to keep a job” she yelled. This time she hit him so hard she left a long crimson gash in his forehead. He muttered something, before falling back on the bed. There was now a long line of dark red blood slowly dripping out the the gash. Soon it started to puddle near his head. I never knew there was so much blood in one human.

Soon I heard a light sound of feet running up the stairs. The hard wooden door slowly creeped open.

“Daddy” Alice cried. She ran over to his lifeless body and started hugging him and crying.

“Daddy, Daddy” she wailed. The mom walked over and pushed her over to the other girls.

“If you ever tell...” she threatened. Then she walked out the door swiftly, and slammed the heavy door shut.

I woke up in an icy cold sweat. I was breathing heavy. I laid back down and this time I did not even bother to put my blankets over my head because I knew it could not save me. I just laid there thinking, thinking about my dream, about everything.

About an hour later Mandy woke up. She sat up and we talked about what we saw. She saw the end part that I did not see. She saw the wife running away. I told her what I saw. We both agreed to go to the house one more time, but with my mom and Colby and everyone.



“Can you come someplace with Mandy and I later”

“Ok, where”

“I will tell you when we get there”

“Fine, I have no place to go”

Later that night we pulled up at the haunted house. On the way up there we explained the whole story to her. At first she did not believe us, but soon after she believed us.

We pulled up to the old beat up house. We walked in and the overwhelming smell of must, mold and rotted wood filled our noses. my mom started to cough. We walked inside and up the stairs.

The ghosts appeared.

“Where is your wife” I asked. CRASH. She floated in the cold room.

“What do you want” she called in a distant voice.

“We wanna know everything” I said fearlessly. “Why you were so mean, Why you killed your kids.” After I said this she chased after us. She scooped up my mom.

“Mommy” Colby called. She pointed at her husband then at us. He came after Colby next. The second he touched his arm Colby fell back. I felt horrible but I kept going. Mandy was the Next to go. Then Will.

BANG, BANG BANG. The door flew open. She came in side my room with a cold blast.

“I found you” she wailed. “Your It”

She poked my arm and I felt so cold. My laptop fell to the floor. As I followed her back to her new home.


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