Vampires Vs. Witches

December 1, 2010
Mallory White was a witch, and she learned about that from her dead grandmother before Evianna died.
Evianna White was a human until she was murdered, transforming her into a vampire.
Alice Harker was a half-vampire, and her brother was the one that killed Evianna.
This is their story.
This is the funeral…

Mallory sits in astonishment at her beloved sister's funeral. Can she really be dead?

Evianna was not just Mallory's twin sister but Mallory's best friend as well. It is strange for Mallory to believe that Evianna is actually dead.

Evianna was lowered into her grave, her arms folded across her dead chest. Mallory couldn't bare to see her sister like this.

So she ran...

Away from the bloody funeral...

Away from Alice Harker...

Away from her fears...

And she raced to the edge of a deep pond before jumping into the bone chilling water.
And she stayed there, holding her breath and trying to drown herself.

Then in a flash, Alice, expressing her vampire side, raced in Mallory's direction before coming across the pond. Which became a blood bath of Mallory's maroon colored blood. Mallory had cut herself underwater, though no one knew how she came across a knife.

Alice stared in shock, but she knew she couldn't save Mallory. She would end up killing her.

But suddenly, a nurse shoved Alice out of the way and dove into the semi-calm water.
She fetched Mallory out of the water, but it seemed too late.

The cut Mallory gave herself was very deep and needed stitching. Mallory's heart was still beating, but she wasn't breathing. She was still unconscious.

But that nurse bent over her, who was certified in CPR, and she knew what to do.

The last thing Alice remembered was Mallory being hauled all the way to the nearest hospital.

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Olivia7 said...
Dec. 10, 2010 at 10:11 pm

Wow, now that's a good horror story! Great details!


Nicole L. replied...
Dec. 10, 2010 at 10:19 pm
thanks sorry about my phone being almost out of batteries..
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