December 1, 2010
By CharlieBucket BRONZE, Cleveland, New York
CharlieBucket BRONZE, Cleveland, New York
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“Gather round; gather round” called the town storyteller, Bors, to the children of Dexinea. ”Today I will tell you about the children of Hin.”

“Who was Hin?” called Deitox.

“Who was Hin, you say? Hin was the Demon of the Dark Universe. Black as obsidian, colder than ice, and deadlier than all life combined. They say that if you ever come within 6’2” of him your blood freezes and you turn to ash.” Chuckled Bors

“Rubbish!” exclaimed Tation.

“For some reason, the folks around the time he haunted the earth, connected him to the end of a rainbow. When ever a rainbow shimmers into existence the citizens of Batres would go to the root cellars and stay there for 62 minutes before coming out. One day a boy of the name Phil was walking through a storm to reach the outskirts of town when the hill he was on suddenly gave out, and he slid down the hill to a small valley, where he saw Hin. Phil saw a shadow moving through the valley that had no form, just a shimmering, black object. Then randomly the rain became misty and a rainbow formed.” explained Bors.

“Phil looked around for Hin but couldn’t find the Demon any where. At that moment he saw something that chilled his bones. Phil saw the end of a rainbow. He was getting so wet that he ripped off his overcoat and fond a stink that was strait up and fanned out at the very top. He tied his coat to it and used it as an umbrella. Phil then ran back to Batres and told the citizens of the fore goings.”

“’He is a child of Hin! You can see it in his eyes! He cannot be trusted to live in this beautiful town of ours! Exile him!’ screeched the town’s people. Phil was sent to the town government for examination and then was sent to the Peaks, the so-called place where Hin dwells. On Phil’s way up, he heard the sound that reminded him of a crying child.
“H-hello?” asked Phil not hoping for an answer.
“Yes?”, came the weak reply.
“Are you hurt? Where are you?” Phil questioned.
“I’m over here, and no I’m not hurt.” Came the voice, only more confident this time.
Phil started walking towards the voice. “I’m Phil.”
“I'm Toby I’ve been here for 2 years waiting.” Said Toby as he got up.
“I was exiled to! All because I was outside during a rainbow.” Said Phil as he wandered along with Toby. “I'm going to the Peaks to confront Hin”
“Wow” is all Toby said. They wandered for a couple days on there way to the peaks, when they saw a black ghostly being following them. When ever they turned around to get a good look at it, it dissipated into thin air. When they reached the Arch of Frontier, the entrance, to the peaks, they felt like they were literally feezing. Phil looked over at Toby but when he turned to see him, he saw ash floating away in the wind.
Phil looked down at himself and jolted. He had fallen asleep when they saw the arch. Toby was shaking him but Phil was too corrupted for the moment to speak. For a while they just sat there, waiting for Phil to regain sanity. About an hour later he did, he sat up and said that they had to keep moving. Toby started to question when a booming laugh came from the inside of the arch.
“Well it looks like I have more...children to keep me company, for a while that is.” Came a voice after the laughter quelled.
“Who and where are you?” demands Phil.
“Who am I? Why I am the last person to be exiled because of moonlighting!”
“You are Taton?” asked Toby.
“Yes! And I am also the fearsome Hin” Exclaimed Taton. Phil upon hearing this, pulled out a capture-light and flinted a picture of Taton, and the devices he could see behind him. “What are you doing boy?” asked Taton
“Phil turned around on the spot and marched down the mountain to the town, with Toby right on his tail. When they reached Batres, he showed the people the photo of Taton, and the devices of the alleged Hin. They allowed him and Toby back to the town and nobody ever said any thing about Hin again.” Tale-wove Bors.

The author's comments:
I did this for a school contest.

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