Silence Amongst The Screams - Chapter 1

December 7, 2010
By Naz95 BRONZE, Georgetown, Other
Naz95 BRONZE, Georgetown, Other
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Chapter 1

Police lights flashed around the pile of rubble that used to be Justine Prince’s home. Police tape was wrapped around the perimeter of the house. The forensics team were doing their best to scour anything that could be left of the two girls’ bodies. Firemen were putting out whatever was left of the fire that had ignited the house.
The bodies of the young girls were mangled, burnt and scarred. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air. Detective Brandon McKnight lit his cigarette. The red hot cinders of the cigarette burned his throat, the smoke going down to his lungs and back out through his nostrils. ‘I should stop smoking, Daisy wanted me to quit smoking… but then again, Daisy isn’t around… not anymore.’ he thought to himself.
Lieutenant James Roland rode up to the crime scene in his 1966 Cadillac Sedan de Ville. Good car, nice classy look and feel. ‘He’s had that car for as long as I can remember, in fact, even before I joined the force he’s had that rust-bucket.’ Detective McKnight thought to himself. Lieutenant Roland stepped out of his car wearing a dark blue coat and fedora, he almost looked like a don from the mafia if it weren’t for him being so rotund from eating so many donuts. Lieutenant Roland strode up to McKnight, his stride bearing authority and power. The rest of the officers looked down in fear, McKnight however wasn’t fooled by his stride. Roland’s stride was merely a façade he showed off to make sure the rest of his officers were ever respective to him.
“How bad is it?” asked Roland. “Not so good, the bodies seem more marred and damaged then before, he’s getting more violent now.”
“This has been going on for too long McKnight, we need to apprehend this man and fast.”
“You don’t think I’m trying? I’ve been trying to catch this b****** for nearly two years now and you don’t think I’m trying?!”
“You should be trying harder… for Daisy’s sake.”
“Don’t you dare bring her into this, I don’t wanna be reminded of what happened.”
“Then fix this now!”
Roland stormed off, leaving a frustrated Detective McKnight behind at the crime scene. It was midnight, he was tired. He was hoping to catch some sleep that night, he’d been working effortlessly for the past few days. Putting in hours of work into the investigations.

He informed the chief officer that he was turning in for the night. He walked back to his car, a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible. He loved the thing, wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It was old though, he’d had it since his college days and it was starting to show. He got in the car, inserted his keys and the engine roared to life. He slowly reversed his car and drove out of the compound. He turned on his headlights as he got out onto the road. It was going to be a long drive back to the city, back to his apartment… back to Daisy.
The drive back to the city felt longer than the drive down to the Prince’s residence. Tomorrow he’d have to explain to Justin Prince’s and Joyce Chung’s parents as to how and why their daughter’s were dead. For now he needed the rest.
He arrived back at the city, Varren City, at about a quarter past one. It was late, his eyes were heavy and he felt almost half drunk. He opened the door to his apartment building and took the elevator up to the 3rd floor. The ridiculous elevator music played all the way. He hated the damn thing, never offering a moment’s peace. The stench of the elevator was even more sickening. The damn thing smelled of piss and onions. Detective McKnight hated it, he hated his job, his apartment, he hated everything.
As soon as the elevator stopped at his floor, he walk slowly towards his apartment, careful not to make a sound in case it woke up his landlord. He hadn’t been paying rent for about 3 months now. His measly salary couldn’t cope with the rent his b**** of a landlady demanded. He crept past slowly and quickly, trying not to make a sound. He reached his door, inserted and turned the key and walked into his apartment. It was dark. He turned on a light which shone dimly, barely even lighting up the farthest corners of his apartment. Too tired to change out of his clothes, he flopped down on to his bed.
The smell of his bed was sickening to the core. Piss stained and unchanged sheets were all that welcomed him every night. He took a deep breath, smelling all the foul stenches of his bed.
He sat up on his bed and lit a cigarette from his pocket. The cigarette smoke hung in the air like a ghostly poltergeist. Drudgingly, he walked to a little refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of lager beer. He grabbed the bottle opener on the top of the fridge.
The sound of the gas leaving the bottle of beer was somewhat… calming to Detective McKnight. The beer felt cool going down his throat. He downed the entire thing in a go.
As he wiped the beer off his lips, there came a knock on the door…

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