Till death do us part

December 3, 2010
By sid411 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
sid411 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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There is no reconciliation that will put me in my place and there is no time like the present.

I sit in a yellow padded room with arms crossed barely able to move. Within my power i stand up my arms can only move less then an inch. The straight jacket is ever so tight on my skin,The jacket so tight on my skin i feel like if I'm inside it any longer i will rip into pieces.
The men in white enter the room with needle in hand to begin the terror. I feel the morphine begin to course my vein. I become sleepy and i faintly see the yellow padded room as the door shuts slowly. I awake to the sound of screaming. My door is covered in bloody writing stating “Death to all that reside here.”I try to get up but it seems as if I'm being held down. The light blinds me ever so brightly in my eyes it takes time for them to adjust. I'm in a large white room strapped onto a metal silver slate. A man walked in with a red overcoat he pulls something out of his pocket so fast I'm unable to see it. He struts up to me and says ever so loudly”Ah i see your awake.”I spit in his face and yell monster. He grabs my face and says “now listen to me I'm the greatest man you have never met, I’m an emperor,a god,all the things you could never become!”I sit in silence not a word muttered or a sound comes from inside me. He begins to walk away without remembering what he was going to do or say he closes the door i hear the faint sound of the locks latch onto the door. I immediately begin my struggle with the tight chains that squeeze my tiny frame. I struggle and struggle unable to get out of the chains. I give up I’m too tired to move anymore. As soon as i stop i begin once more struggling more and more every time. I feel a sharp tremendous pain in my arm as i look to my shoulder is farther back then ever before. I begin a blood curling scream death himself could have heard it myself. The man in white runs in as i scared him from the scream. He speaks ever so quietly as a new man was born inside of him. He begins saying “now I know the chains are ever so tight.” I scream at him “Of course they are you idiot why would you state a stupid question like that!” He begins quieter then before. “I will let you out if you can find the exit to this place.” I agree still in pain he rolls me off the metal plate i was laying on and i hit the ground hard. I yell “what’s wrong with you? My arm is broken could you be a little sympathetic?!” He nods and grabs the keys and kicks me till the chains are off, I suppose it worked I get up face headed into the cement I get up blood running down my face. I feel as if i am being taken control by the critical thinking of fear it’s self. I stand up watching all this mayhem unravel it’s self right in front of my eyes i feel helpless cold and depleted broken.

My eyes are blood shot, my hearts pumping faster then ever. The sound of silence rings ever so loudly . The hallucinations have dropped from my mind for now. I can’t think of why this is so hurtful waking to the sound of nothing burns like irony. I begin to scream at the darkness in my room. The holes inside my room become faces and the faces become eyes. Coldness surrounds me like the waves of the sea. The sound of the wind upon the windows is like the speaking of the d***ed. The hallucinations become more and more aggravating to my body and mind. I sit up after everything calms my eyes witch are still blood shot i see the dark room again, I stand up and turn on the light while my hand shakes uncontrollably I begin to walk out of the room stumbling with in the reach of my grasp I being crawling I reach the kitchen I begin searching for the bottle of pills among the useless and empty containers. I awake the next morning dizzy yet with no hallucinations appear in my head. The time of then and now is gone forever what’s in the past is now gone. The pills are supposed to help with the (dreams) I’ve been having. I feel the dreams are trying to tell me something. It’s also in the morning, no breakfast, no nothing you may ask why. The reason is I lie alone in a stupid cheap motel. No mom, no dad. Well mom left and dad drank himself into a vortex of living h***. At the age of nine I was already on my own with all the scars and bruises left from the past I can’t ever forget the days of childhood. Anyways moving on to more important things in life, well I’m eight teen no job, no future, no nothing. Now I’m lucky for the motel room because one of my friends work there. My friend gave me a place to stay, a place to relax, a place to feel safe. But beyond these walls of sorrow there is a life out there a life that once had me as a prisoner but now that life is over no need for anything beyond these secret walls.

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