'They' Part 1

December 6, 2010
My name is Chelszie and I'm dead, but not really. That's what I want everyone to think though. I lived in the small town of Oakfield in Wyoming, where nothing ever happened. That is, until this past September. I don't think They meant any harm. But who am I to say this. I, the naive child, who is consequently now dead.

It was very early in the morning when it happened; my death I mean. I'm not fond of dwelling in the past so I'll keep this brief. They came into my house and took me away into the night. It's just a cloudy memory now, but what I clearly recall is the face of their leader. His gnarled nose pointing down at my body. His rough palms searching for a pulse at my neck, and his dark, almost black, eyes probing my seemingly lifeless body. The last thing I remembered of him was his crooked smile of satisfaction before he and the others disappeared from my view.

The next morning, I woke up in the middle of nowhere; not knowing where to go or who I was. All I knew was I had to find a way out of the forest. So I decided to head north, or at least what I thought was north. I trecked my way through what seemed like miles of fallen leaves and twigs, until I came upon a beautiful city of enormous buildings and neatly paved roads. It was hard to imagine something as grandiose and modernized could exist in such a desolate looking place. I started forward into the unknown metropolis, fueled by my own curiosity.

I push through a thick layer of bushes and fall onto the road behind them. As I'm lifting myself up off of the ground I notice that I am no longer alone. My head is down but I can still see the long shadow of some sort of figure. I raise my eyes to those of my company, and to my surprice I was greeted with an enthusiastic smile.

"He guys I found another one!" he shouted behind him.

All of a sudden I was surrounded by busy chatter and friendly faces. I was overwhelmed with confusion and the sense of urgengy I always got when something wasn't quite right. I tried to walk through the crowd but it was impenetrable. So I stayed in the center as the mass of people continued to close in around me. They started to pet me and jab at me with energetic fingers. Then I felt someone grab my wrist. Not gently like a friend or relative would, but like someone meaning to do me harm. I struggled to get away but then my other wrist was also in a vice grip. I was yanked through the crowd and pulled between two of the sleek buildings. That's when everything went black and my senses all failed me in my time of need... TBC

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