Putting on an Act

December 5, 2010
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The people of Quero have never been that superstitious. But many told the story of the Theater House being haunted by Vanessa Wolfe’s spirit. You see, the way the story goes was that she was in the Theater House with the director and him only. She was found the next day dead, murdered and severed. People have even witnessed seeing her spirit walking up the stairs. Some have even heard her screaming in the bathroom, a scream as a cry for help, of pure torture, and true agony. But most people didn’t believe it. Little did they know that everything was about to change. That night the people were filling up seats in the Theater House, everybody excited for a new play. The crowd hushed as the lights dimmed and the curtains swept open to the actors worst nightmare. It was thirty minutes into the play when a murderous scream came from the back of the room and she flew to the center stage. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” she screamed to the director. Vanessa didn’t even give him a chance to answer her question, she started ripping at him, his legs, arms, fingers, and then . . . his heart. She picked up a dagger, the crowd to shocked to move, angled it towards his center chest, when she was about to strike him, “NO!” shouted Anna the lead actress “YOU KILL HIM, YOU KILL ME TOO!!!” Anna stood in front of the director and Vanessa was gone, she disappeared. That’s when the crowd’s lips melted to a pure white. Vanessa disappeared. The End. Or is it.

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