Never Tell a Lie

December 1, 2010
By Anonymous

A spasm ran through my spine as I was submerged into the frigid waters of the Arctic-I was alive in a nightmare. I then withheld enough strength to open my eyes, as I thought I would awake… No-Scorching light entered the slits that were my eyes-Seconds later, I could bear the sunlight and saw my brothers, Dave and Bill, wild beams on their faces, standing side by side to the right of my bed. It was a minute until I realized what had occurred. I heaved my alarm clock at them and both of them scurried of to the living room like pathetic mice. As infuriated as I was, I calmed myself little by little, stripped off my soaking clothes, and resided to a hot bath.

As I sauntered the cold concrete tiles of the massive staircase, mother addressed me from behind as she stroked my back-“How was your slumber?” This startled me, and I almost fell forward, but I balanced my weight at the last second, hoping she didn’t observe. “Fine, mother”, I exclaimed, adding a faint leer, for her to accept this as true.

What should have been a luscious breakfast of hash browns, bacon, and hard-boiled eggs tasted like cardboard. I absentmindedly hopped from the chair toward the couch as the phone rung its all too common tone. “Hello?” I said, as harmoniously as I could, twirling the telephone chord around my index finger. “Morgan!” The usual jovial and eager tone filled my ears and a smile emerged from my face. “Yes, Isabel?” “You inane doll,” she exclaimed with a sarcastic chuckle, “We scheduled to meet at your abode today!” I laughed a bit and then a hiatus arose as I reminisced about mother’s words-“We will be leaving tomorrow-Be sure not to do something unintelligent.” I broke the awkward silence with a “Yes” to Isabel and laid the telephone on the mahogany coffee table.

“Morgan” My father exclaimed-“Why aren’t you coming with us?”

I found myself rolling my eyes at him as I spoke in an irked tone-“I must complete the exit assignment for AP Mathematics to receive a scholarship-It is due in two days!” Alarmed by my somewhat hostile tone, he walked swiftly upstairs, his short, black hair bounding to and fro on his head.

“One more hour- one more…” I recognized my mother’s lulling tone that woke me from my “slumber.” “Hun-Morgan- The taxi’s here.” I stood from the chair of the bar and hugged mother and father. I noticed Bill and Dave shoving each other, competing to get to the taxi before the other. I cackled from the foot of the entrance, and the two of them shot mischievous sneers at me.

At around seven, I heard a knock from the entrance of the house-“Isabel!” I thought-As I clutched the knob, the hinges almost broke from the entrance. A squall hit my bare skin with incomprehensible fierceness and I let Isabel in, who aided me in bolting the entrance. “What a tempest!” she and I said in unison. I prepared hot chocolate for the both of us and she called to me from the living hall-“Can I slumber here tonight?” “Yes”, I retorted to her. “Good”, she continued “because I have a thought.” “What if we-throw celebration?”

“Isabel!” I screamed, almost in woe “I want these-these beings to leave!” I took her wrist and swerved around the inhabitants of this house. All of them had either cigarettes or a bottle of alcohol in their hands. I found a dim corner and I screamed once more to obtain her attention “Well!” “What will we do?-This was a terrible thought!” She thought for a while-“Get a knife from the kitchen!” Without speculating, I did, and Isabel to it from me. I thought her intentions were to kill someone and I was about to shriek when Isabel took the boom-box and-Put the knife through it! The music stopped abruptly and my ears rang as I saw the people’s blank stares, but Isabel, clever as she, even herded the inhumane beings to the street! She then bolted the entrance and I hugged her.

“Mother and Father will be back in an hour!” I thought out loud. She then hurried to the bedrooms to clean-I began to walk to the kitchen when I heard a knock-“Hello?” I exclaimed-“Hello?” I unbolted the entrance and opened it a bit. I slammed the entrance and called, “Isabel!-I scrambled to the bedrooms to find her-She was not there!

I turned a corner of the house and I heard “Never tell a lie.” From the same figure-The last thing I ever saw was his crowbar-It was hurtling towards me, and it would kill me.

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