Yellow Moon

December 6, 2010
By Maddz SILVER, St Georges Basin, Other
Maddz SILVER, St Georges Basin, Other
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“Now left for a hard day
Just live the hard way
So the dark night may watch over you

Lucy saw him for the first time at the school dance, unable to figure out way she hadn’t spotted him all year. He was tall, pale with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Everywhere he walked people watched with mystery as to what kind of a person he may be. He kept to himself yet had the aurora of a person that didn’t care. He was Dominic Evans and had completely captured Lucy’s heart at first sight.
The music of the school dance blared around the gymnasium at deafening volume as its slaves head banged their way across the floor. Only those who had not partners or couldn’t be bothered dancing noticed Dominic as he crossed the gym in order to exist through the change rooms. Lucy hung closely to herself as she tried to avoid being hit by a nearby nerd swinging his arms around.
Dominic slipped back out of the change rooms and leaned against the door, scanning the gym before opening it to let a purple haired girl and a blue haired boy skip into the gym and join the dancers. Dominic’s gaze continued to sweep the room until it found hers and held it there. Lucy quickly turned her head to the side with embarrassment then looked back up to that he was gone. So were the purple girl and blue boy. As she sat in her mother’s car on the way home, she spent the trip in silence wondering why she had never seen the kids before.

Dominic wiped his mouth and leaned against a giant tree beside his lake side house. He had to choke back the tears that clouded his vision and train of thought. The new cut in his right thigh hurt more than the cuts usually did and he tried his best to keep any clothing from coming in contact with it.
Across the lake he could see the houses of his friends and family all lit up. They too were paying respects to the recent news.
The purple haired girl walked up to him and gently squeezed his arm. “We’re all going to miss him terribly Dominic. You know that.”
Dominic sighed. “I know, but he practically raised me.”
The death of his grandfather had come as a major shock to everyone, especially Dominic, who had been under his care after his own father passed away.
“We’re all here for you, Dom. Remember that.”
Dominic nodded. “I know Satellite. I know.”
Satellite’s twin brother Hacker walked up to them, his blue hair the brightest thing that could be seen in the dark. “It’s done.”
As they turned to walk inside, Satellite turned around to stop the. “Dom, you spilt some.”
Dominic looked down to see a small streak of red across his white shirt.

The author's comments:
This story is prrof that you can get inspiration and ideas from anywhere and create a story when you are completely bored. And no, Dominic is not a vampire, unfortunately.

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