The Revenge

November 27, 2010
By Kaykay55 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Kaykay55 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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The time has come.

I have waited a long time for this. Though the hours stretch endlessly before me now, I know in reality it is only a brief moment in time, gone in a blink. But, still. Everything in my very being has come to live for this moment. When everything will come together. When revenge will finally be carried out. What he did was unforgivable. And for it, he must be punished. This knowledge gnawed at my heart and soul. I knew I could not rest until my mission was complete. And I had the perfect plan to do it.

I waited in the park. It was a cool September evening. September 15 to be exact. It was a date I would never forget. September 15. The night my beautiful Julia was taken from me. Her death was all his fault. He was the last one with her. He was her doctor. She trusted him. He could have done something. If he had only tried harder, he could have saved her! My Julia would never have given up on life. I just knew the doctor had done something to my Julia to make her leave me. She loved me! We were perfect for each other!! Ahem. No matter now. All that matters is that I know the doctor had something to do with her untimely demise. And for his actions, or lack of, he was going to follow her to the grave.

It was a quiet night. I felt as if I had been standing there for hours. My left leg was beginning to go numb when suddenly, I heard it. The labored footsteps of the slightly overweight doctor. The leaves flew around his feet doing a dance only they knew, and the wind blew through the trees. Moonlight shone down from above. It cut through the treetops and created an eerie glow. Quite fitting. I sat on the fountain waiting. As the doctor got closer, my breathing became heavy, my heartbeat quickening. This is it!

When he was within earshot, I called out to him. He recognized me, smiled, and began to walk towards me. The fool. Little did he know these were his final moments on earth. As he neared me, I greeted him.
“Good evening, Doctor! You would never believe what I just caught a glimpse of here in the fountain! I do believe it is just the coin you are lacking for your collection.”
He replied hastily, excitedly,
“Yes, yes, very good. I do hope so!”
The doctor continued to ramble on about his coin collection, and I caught the smell of liquor on his breath. Interrupting his babble, I continued,
“Why don’t you come over and have a look?” He teetered over to the fountain’s edge and leaned over. Slowly, I stood up. My heart pounded against my chest and sweat poured from my forehead. Suddenly, the doctor straightened and turned around to face me. He could sense something was wrong even through his drunken stupor. He stammered an excuse to leave, foolishly trying to escape his certain fate. I answered him calmly,
“Of course, I will just leave this rare and expensive coin in the fountain. Perhaps, we can find another like it somewhere else.” The doctor’s greed took hold of him, clouding his judgment.
“Well, I suppose I could stay a few more minutes….Where exactly did you see it?”
“Near the center, a little on your left.”

As he leaned over the fountain’s edge, I reached into my jacket. Carefully, I extracted my gun. I held it to the doctor’s back, ready to shoot.
“You killed my Julia!” I screamed at him. Every pent up emotion came out at that moment. It was a flood that I could not have controlled even if I wanted to.
“She was everything to me! She was my beautiful Julia, and you let her die! You’re a doctor, but you couldn’t save her. You wouldn’t save her!”

He opened his mouth in protest, but I didn’t want to hear it. Without thinking, I pulled the trigger and the shot rang, breaking the stillness of the night. He fell backwards, and I watched as his blood slowly turned the water red.

The deed was done.

I should be ecstatic.

But, instead of being happy, I was sobbing. Tears ran down my cheeks. I could hardly catch my breath. For the first time, I doubted what I had done. What would Julia have thought? I felt her hand on my cheek. I could almost see my princess standing there beside me. I missed her so much. I ached for her. The year without her had been too much. I knew then that I couldn’t go another minute without my darling Julia. Looking around me, I spotted the gun where I had dropped it earlier. I leaned forward and pulled the gun towards me. I lifted it to my head. As I pulled the trigger I whispered,
“See you soon, my love”

Then, everything went black…

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KimR said...
on Dec. 12 2010 at 4:15 pm

You are a talented writer, keep it up!

Love you

granjan said...
on Dec. 10 2010 at 8:10 pm are a very talented writer sweet granddaughter. I loved the story. You exceed in almost everything and I am proud!!!!

taykay1234 said...
on Dec. 9 2010 at 9:43 pm
Krista i lovvvee u:) and u r an amazing writer:)

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