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Yeah Right

“Tick tock tick tock.”

“Yeah right Mary. We all know you can’t tick so just what are you doing?”

“Well Tanya if you should know, I am…. Uh…. Well…. Just…. Okay fine I’m trying to fit in because all of the other clocks in this old clock store can tick except me so I thought maybe if I pretend to tick it would…..” But she got interrupted by Tanya.

“Oh I know I know.”

“You do?”

“Of course! You want to be cool like me and my boyfriend Big Ben. You just won`t admit it but you are just jealous because we are just….” She was stopped when Grandfather clock chimed in.
“HEY! I can’t take this anymore. We are all clocks whether we tick or not. Now Tanya say you`re sorry to Mary.”
“Fine. Mary.”
“I`m sorry. I`m sorry you can`t tick and you don’t have a great boyfriend like my hunky Big Ben.”
“Tanya” Big Ben chimed in, “I`m really sorry, but, I’m going to have to agree with Grandfather clock. And I`m glad that were together and I love you but I just can’t stand the way you treat Mary. Mary is my friend. I`m sorry. My mind is changing. I`m breaking up with you.”

“What?” You can`t break up with me.” Tanya said.

“I just did and I kind of feel good about it because you just had to be with me because I am the biggest clock in the world and I`m just sick of it.” Big Ben replied.
“Are you kidding me? No, you can`t break up with me. I love you.”
“Well I guess I just don’t feel the same way about you anymore.”
“Fine. Drake has been asking me to be his girlfriend for a long time.”
“Drake is missing his number 10.”
“Yeah, but it`s on his forehead!” Tanya shot back.
“What ever. Mary? Would you maybe want to…? Um… Well…”

There was a big noise from the front of the store. The owner was coming in!
“HIDE!” Grandfather clock yelled.
In through the door the owner came in with a yellow rain coat and a matching hat. The rain coat and hat were dripping with water.

Pitter patter pitter patter
The sound of the rain was so soothing that it put Mary to sleep. It`s a good thing she doesn’t tick.
The owner took off his hat and his coat. He just came back from his meeting. It was strange he even had a meeting. People in clock stores don`t get meetings too often. By the look of his face the meeting went badly.
“Psst. Grandfather clock? Do you think he told a joke to break the ice and it all went down hill from there? Or is he just mad because it`s raining and he hates getting wet?” Tanya whispered.
“Shh.” Grandfather Clock said fiercely.
Grandfather clock never answered Tanya`s question.
*The next morning*
“I can`t believe it! That big ball of mush wants me to put a ticker in that clock that doesn’t tick.” The owner said.

To be continued…

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