The Sinister Murder

November 30, 2010
The Murder of Charles E. Trenton

October 31, 1843 Oxford, London

Early this morning police officers, Kneenly and Freeman arrested 24 year old Phillip Owens. He is being charged with First Degree manslaughter and vicious assault for the brutal killing of 73 year old Charles E. Trenton.

Last night Mary Rivers, the neighbor of the deceased, heard a muffled scream. She immediately scurried down her drive and searched her front door, when she realized the alarming sound had escaped the walls of the Trenton mansion she took her boogie down to the town’s Sheriff office. There she pleaded with the officers to follow her to Homestead Crossing, the neighborhood she had safely lived in all her life. Our sources say that Miss Rivers hurried back to her home once the officers approached the home of Mr. Trenton.

When we sat down with Miss Rivers in an intimate interview, Miss Rivers responded in a terse jitter manner. “I was abruptly woken from a deep slumber around 2:00 A.M. from a shrieking scream. I shawl of unease wrapped around me making my teeth click and clatter with fear. Ever since I can remember I have felt very uncomfortable around Charles' queer nephew, Phillip. Once the thought of the boy ran through my mind I knew exactly what I had to do! I rushed outside into my boogie and wailed for help. Luckily Officers Kneely and Freeman were there to tend to my worries.” That was the disturbed response from Miss Rivers after the deposed and severed body was announced Charles E. Trenton’s.

November 2, 1843

The Killer’s Full Blown Confession!

The only interview had with the prisoner was by Isabella Azeri, Journal reporter.
Question: Could you please give me the details of the killing, Mr. Owens.

Mr. Owens- “Oh that is easily told. The night the old man died is a night that will forever be embedded in this mind.” As he pointed his pail crooked finger to the temples of his head.
“It was late night you see, all was quite and all was still. I crept silently, steadily through the curved halls of the house. Until, I was exactly in front of the old man’s room. The knob of his door,half tilted I reached out and twisted the door fully, slowly, till’ I could easily push the door open and watch the old man as he slept. Slept he did ‘cause he had not thought of my plan, the plan to rid myself from the evil eye!” His eyes grew wide and severe with each passing second.
“I stalked nervously in his room, slipped to the side, where not even the light of the moon could grasp my shadowed cloak. Suddenly he woke from a startled slumber, I watched for 60 minutes as his eyes roamed the room, looking, searching, and pleading for there to be no one .” Mr. Owens’ hands turned to fists, then a sneer smile crept across his thin pale lips.
“There was a thumping-THUMP THUMP THUMP- it increased in rhythm and sound! I knew I must silent the sound! I sauntered to where he laid, the moonlight revealing my hidden face, and he screamed! I quickly covered his mouth with my hand and ripped him from the bed. While he lay there unconscious, unmoving I repeatedly slammed the bed over him! He grew silent, cold; yes finally he lay there stone cold.”
Question: Was he dead laying there Mr. Owens?

Mr. Owens- “Yes, he was! Stone dead, and I was glad.”
Question: How did you dispose of the body Mr. Owens?

Mr. Owens- “I dragged his limp body over to the restroom. I laid his body in the tub. Ran down the stairway to the kitchen, where I fetched a sharp butcher knife. Once upstairs I cut each of his limps off. First his arms, then I chopped through his legs and finally his head. Blood spewing everywhere!” His hands began to shake and his lips drawled with every word he spat out at me. Finally a guard came and dragged him to his cell.

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IamtheshyStargirl said...
Jun. 21, 2011 at 9:18 pm
Very creatively written, you are an astonishing writer.
Anna-Akua replied...
Jun. 29, 2011 at 10:20 pm
WOW! that is honestly the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my writing! i've always wanted to espress myself through writing and make a career out of it, but there are so many people who say it is a waste of time...well thank you, because you just made me more determined to write.
IamtheshyStargirl replied...
Jun. 29, 2011 at 11:08 pm
Wow, I'm so glad I could inspire and encourage you so much! :D
Anna-Akua said...
Mar. 22, 2011 at 8:32 pm

i just posted up a new poem! pls comment and rate

SunnyGirl202 said...
Dec. 10, 2010 at 5:17 am
Nice!!! But u could have made the story a bit more different. I can see that it is like the Tale Tale Heart right away. Next time, a bit more improvisation, maybe?
Anna-Akua replied...
Jan. 14, 2011 at 9:43 pm
yea ur rite, any ideas to help improve?
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