November 30, 2010
By Iridescence BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Iridescence BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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“Alright, Al!”

“Alfred! Alfred! Alfred!”

“Go get ‘em!”

As I entered that soccer stadium, I already felt like a hero. The roar of the crowd, the screech of the referee’s whistle, I was already running down that artificial turf. I felt the wind whip the sides of my face, I loved it. Most people thought football was my thing. Nah, soccer’s the world’s sport. It’s too darn fun.

As the red team closed in on my left and right, I figured I had no choice but to pass forward to Baker. Baker’s pace lessened as our team closed in for a defensive tactic. I signaled with a wave of two fingers for Baker to pass back to me. He nodded and brought his leg waaay back, like a pitcher winding a throw. The soccer ball sailed past the horde of red team members, making its way towards me.

I smirked.

“Give ‘em the Blindshot!” A spectator in the crowd roared to me. I looked around. The calling of the crowd only intensified after the comment. Looks like I had no choice. The red team was coming in fast, but I still had a clear shot at the opposing goal. Well, it was now or never. As I prepared for the shot, all time seemed to slow.

Every blink became slower and slower. After that I closed my eyes. The sounds of the outside world silenced; I felt alone. I took a deep breath, focusing energy into my right leg. A slow, rumbling clamor sounded above me. It was probably a plane or something. As the tremor of the red team’s legs approached, closer and closer, I released.

I scored! I felt the exhilaration and adrenaline pump blood in my ears. My eyes opened instantly.

I didn’t see any thrilled team members. I didn’t hear the crowd exploding in cheers. The heavenly breeze was replaced with an devil-like explosion all around me. Before I knew what was happening, I was running for my life, dodging chunks of the stadium that hurled towards me. I looked around frantically. I was searching, searching, trying to find my brother, anyone I knew.

I looked over my head. Missiles. I was able to calm down and tried to read what the missiles were engraved with. But my concentration was knocked out by a smack in the head. I spun around, fear enveloping me. Even though I knew who it was, the shock was overwhelming.

“Charlie?” I choked on the question. “Charlie? I thought you were… You’re supposed to be-”

“Dead,” Charlie answered, pulling out a gun.

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