Ever Binding Love

November 23, 2010
By Alydia BRONZE, Dutch Flat, California
Alydia BRONZE, Dutch Flat, California
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I’m done. I’ve had it with her evil ways of life. I disapprove of how she finds out I do something and both and her minion tell him as soon as he gets home. As they have been doing since I have arrived to take place as his own. Anything to get me on bad sides with him, but she never tells him what her minion does. As I’m the appalling one in his eyes and she knows.

He doesn’t see the truth. He has been betrayed before and had his heart ripped in two. He learned to love once again and fell in love with a beautiful maiden. For he is now blinded by love. She says she knows my game as for I know hers. She and her minion know I know. They know I won’t say anything for he won’t believe me. She’s played this game since I’ve came. She manipulates him into thinking about everything I do to distract him from what her and her minion do. She knows that if he knew what they did he would not trust them and would leave them. She also knows that he would not deal with her minion’s ways if he ever knew.

I have been untrustworthy and have been caught every time, but as for her and her minion they have been untrustworthy for quite some time. He does not see for again he is blinded by love. I feel trapped. Every day I walk a fine line and no matter which way I turn I’m at the end of the line. I wish to tell him the truth for once. I’m tired of acting as if everything is fine when really it’s not. I know if I tell him things will not turn out good. He would probably leave her or her him and then it would be seen as I’m the cause of it all and I’m not willing to take that on.

It hurts every day to see how much he loves and trusts her when she’s the opposite. I don’t want to be the one who takes it all from him, but I feel as if one day I’ll just be so fed up with it all that I’ll just explode it all out and not even care because I’m done with it all. It’s gone way past my boiling point and I don’t know how much longer I can hold it in. I’ve been hurt to many times and it seems that when I get on good amends with him she strikes even harder and then things go back to being bad.

It hurts even more to know of his shame towards me for all things I have done wrong. I’m trying so hard to break bad habits and I have some, but it’s still hard. He doesn’t see how much I’ve changed or if he does he doesn’t appreciate it. All I want is for him to be proud of me. He’s been gone all my life and now here we are in the after life given the chance to spend the time we did not when he left my mother and for some reason it feels that it all will be worth nothing.

I have not known him for very long and for some odd reason I feel as though I love him. I do not know why, but it’s because of that reason that I feel the need to have him be proud of me because that would be the only way I’d feel loved by him. I wish I could tell if he really loved me or if he was just telling me that because I love him. I really do and I always will even though I don’t know him really, and I will fight with my patience’s level. I will try not to let her get the best of me as for I just got him back and will not lose him again. It will be the ever battle between love and hate.

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