The Spirit of the dead flower

November 23, 2010
By Fredo flores BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
Fredo flores BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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She wasn’t a monster or a ghost, she was nothing. She was supposed to die. Until the last petal drop I would not give up. The moon wills shine back again telling me to stop but no I wont give up. A star is a seed not from earth from ulnas pocket box. The windmill squeaks a noise that I cannot bear any more so I wake up to go to work. I drive my truck 30 miles up North Carolina just to make 45 bucks a day. I recommend the managers special, no how about the pancake special, yes that will be 13 bucks. But he only gives me 12 bucks. Night is on her way and she is warning about danger ahead but again I wont listen. I enter besides bar to work at my 9 bucks an hour shift. Music plays and dances with my eardrums while I prepare drinks for dancers and the man. Smoke enters the bar like dry ice does. I walk to the bathroom pass the paramedics who are helping overdose dummies who drank a lot. The bathroom
Moon begs me to stop but no I wont listen. My car has her daily scratches from witches who roam the for dust and candy Halloween sucks! I enter my door barefooted from a fight I had with the zombies. We must fight we must end this bailout. I change nab to daystar television for there 3 am prayer world show but I don’t listen I see how long I will take for the nun to die from a coma. OMG I would say but that would just sound crazy my world my life is in a puddle. Doris its time for your bath darling shah! Water pounds hard on the world. I dry her and put her to rest fro 20- minutes. Until dinner is ready. The evil L is coming so I prepare for my internal sleep until Luna wakes me up for lies. Luna goes to sleep too for nutrients since mother is working to keep the living to exist. She creates what the dummies call the Milky Way but I think of it as more respectful.dorris takes the next scene with little enthusiasm .The puddle aches from the pain she endured. Doris short for friend protects me like she is Luna. L is here she or he is powerful. Light years dozes for about 13 hours until Luna comes back to save me from y internal sleep. I walk up the door and open my eyes to the rooftop falling but not from my mind I remove the block view off my eyes and wash my eyes stupid sandman. Crying is the dam that breaks the baby who does not cry and the elephant that is not afraid of the mouse. The humid air winds up fighting the frost that winter wins. I never went to my little sister’s room. The stairs are the steps of massive heartbeats in my bobby. Goblin crow ka at the window for not inviting them to the shelter of pain. Step 123 bangs without the exclamation points. The floor crumbles like a broken jigsaw puzzle. I fear that Luna
Does not want me up here, I look two feet up the bench and see a blue light mix with the old darkness. I walk another step each step I take stabs me in the brain giving back memories that chattered for their own good. Step stab step stab the floor squats murdering my eardrums. I see the old bathroom filled with domestic cats and spiders. Thunder roars and flashes my eye forcing me to look at the sacred door painting by a 3-year-old girl. I walk there hoping nothing had had ever happen there. The crow kaas slowly and quietly every time I get closer top the door opening the door to friendship lane. Memory: I can remember it like I can remember death. The sun was shining I was running upstairs trying to find my little sister so I wont lose the game. I found her on the garden planting a seed. Birds came upon her like snow white when all of the animals came and appreciated her. Mom and dad came telling her how pretty she is and how she is the best kid they ever had. They did not even look at me; I was like the dust in the air only to be blown away and never to be cared. Mom and dad saw the sun, I saw the darkness. Suicidal thoughts wanting to kill everybody who loved. I ran to my room only to see that my parents redecorated the room to say I love you #1 daughter (they were not talking about me}. Anger conquered my mind killing happiness and joy in my thought. I went inside the living room I mean my room. Night had arrived and my thoughts broke the door and won. I grabbed the machete and cut the phone cord and all that could help them. I went upstairs after I looked all the doors and windows. I heard my little sister woke up to a nightmare poor girl she is going to have another nightmare. I walk to the room feeling the burn of a thousand meteors in my veiling everything. Open the door the door ‘maim oh it is you big sister I had a nightmare’. The scream was almost loud enough to break the windows the blood escaping her body as I slash her open one by one. Mom and dad hear the scream and run to get her but the door is stuck. They couldn’t get through the door and they panic hearing if she was still alive. The pain and miser had just grown my heart with so much joy that I wanted to celebrate it with cutting my arm later with little of rat poison for the occasion. My parent’s hearts where bleeding with fear as they went to call the police but the police could not even help them they should just suck it up and die (who knows they might not go to hell). I opened the door seeing there horrid faces wanting to run but they cant because I am here and no one is safe when I am here.
Why was it u and I hate u you should burn in hell forever. Screams of terror flowed the body as they loss oxygen (I guess this my early Christmas present) .The blood pour faster than it poured from my sister’s body and wounds. The last voice I heard from them was when they sweared and said leave and take my your sister to the hospital. No I said and how it felt great to say that especially when it is for the family. I leave the room and take my sister pocketbox to sell all of her crappy gold. I lit the house on fire and saw them all burn in hell. I love to smell of death in the nighttime. (The seed was left in the pocket box without her noticing you will see the seed when you all die)

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lenise said...
on Jan. 6 2011 at 11:20 am
i love it so much. Everyone should read this

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