The Darkness of the Night

November 23, 2010
By Kyle Kaminicki BRONZE, Monticello, Arkansas
Kyle Kaminicki BRONZE, Monticello, Arkansas
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I was driving on a dark road. There was fog everywhere. The clock in my car had the wrong time, so I had no idea what the actual time was. It felt like it was eleven, or maybe twelve o’clock. I was very tired because I had been working all day, so my driving was not the best.

I looked down at the speedometer and realized I was going eighty miles an hour in a fifty-five miles-an-hour zone! I immediately freaked out and started to slow down. When I looked up, I saw something walking in the road. The creature, or whatever it was, got in the way so I stopped.

The headlights of the truck shined on the thing, and I noticed that the thing was a man. He was probably in his fifties or sixties, but he was definitely older than me. I looked closer and saw that he was bleeding! I got out of the car to help him, but before I could reach, him something shot out of the trees and dragged him away!

I fell to the ground in shock. There was blood all over the place. I stood up and darted into my car. I started to speed down the road, not caring about the speed limit. Soon after, I saw a terrifying sight. The thing that attacked the man jumped onto my car. The creature was 8 feet tall with razor sharp claws. He had hair all over his body, and blood dripping from his teeth. He had piercing red eyes, which seemed to slowly kill my soul. It was beyond words to describe the monstrous thing.

The blood thirsty monster picked my car up, and tossed it into the forest. I fell unconscious, and when I awoke it was still dark. The air felt cold. Blood was dripping from my head.

My vision started to fog and my arms felt limp. I was terrified that the beast was nearby. I tried to walk, but felt a sharp pain. I fell to the ground in agony. There was a loud howl, and I started to look around in fear. The creature landed right in front of me! I thought for sure I was dead, but a spot light shined on the creature. To my amazement, there was a helicopter overhead! The beast ran away into the darkness of the night. I never saw it again. I was saved, and lived to tell the tale.

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