Adam's Letterman Jacket

November 18, 2010
By cheyssss BRONZE, Granbury, Texas
cheyssss BRONZE, Granbury, Texas
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Adam carefully pulled out his faded letterman jacket from the wooden trunk under his bed. He hadn’t look at the thing in years. He clinched his teeth and whipped it out. The smell of leather flooded his brain from the past memories. The Easter purple was becoming a sun - stained white, so he placed it to see every patch. The football, track, and baseball patches still velvet black marked his accomplishments. The mistakes he made those four years called his name silently.
Soon the telephone buzzed. He quickly hoped up, and ran to the kitchen to answer it. Getting distracted into the conversation he left his old friend on the oak covered ground. Claire, his girlfriend of two years, picked it up. She started blankly at this unusual thing. She never recalled him talking about it. After his phone call, he fast paced back into the bedroom.
His heart sank and made a thud in his chest. She had put on the jacket! Snapping at her telling her to take it off, her face froze. Her brown chest nut hair consumed her face. She took it off and he snatched it in his arms. Confusion filled the air like hot incense. She left quietly and sat on the marshmallow couch. It scooped her body perfectly and she waited.
Adam folded the jacket and neatly put it in back in the wooden chest and forced it under the bed. Acting as if nothing happened he lounged on the couch with Claire. Jeff Foxworthy rambled on till both fell asleep on the couch. It must have been 2:30 AM which colored the room with the deep red letters.
Claire scrambled herself up, dragging the wool plaited blanket behind. She didn’t even bother to brush her teeth or put pajamas on and lay in Sleep Number heaven. Dreams left ideas in her head that the jacket wasn’t something Adam was proud of. She whispered to herself to see the mysterious jacket one more time.
The next morning Adam’s part of the bed was tightly made. The plaid blanket piled on the floor and Claire’s hair strung out in every direction. She drug her feet to the doorway till curiosity came knocking at her brain. She bent down and searched quickly. Opening everything you could, she saw the wooden chest.
Pulling heavily on the wooden chest she grabbed it. Swatting the stringy hair away from her face she had noticed a strange piece that wasn’t there yesterday. A lock had been put on the chest.

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