November 23, 2010
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“What is happening?” I yelled out, waiting for a response. My name is Prince Fielder, and I was experiencing a bank hostage. Steel bullets shatter the clear glass, everything was in slow motion. I hit the floor and hide under a wooden desk for cover. I tried to call 911, but it was too late. Two tall and big shady figured men with masks covering their faces walk in through the main entrance.

“Hey!!” One of them yelled, he ordered us to put our phones in the middle of the floor. I said I didn’t have one, and they gave me a long look. It was three in the afternoon, and I said to God, Why am I put in a situation like this? It was a clear day over in Beverly Hills, California. Outside the glass, I saw the trees swaying in the wind, whispering to me “You can get out of this, Prince, you can do this.” I nodded my head. I asked myself: “What should I do? Should I stay put or should I make a move? If I make a move, what are the risks I can be taking? Will I get shot?” Millions of thoughts ran through my head and I got a headache. The man next to me happened to be my neighbor. His name is Chase Smith. Chase has red hair, freckles, he’s about 6’4” and he is a heavy set man. He told me “I have a plan, you distract the two men, and I will call the cops.”

“Good thinking,” I said. But inside, I wasn’t too sure about it. I said to myself, I’m doing this for my family. “I hope varsity football paid off.” I said with an uneasy but confident look. Instead of distracting them, I tackled the two robbers, putting my fierce and big body on top of them, confiscated the guns, and I exclaimed “Put your hands behind your back!”

“Good going man!!” Chase said. He dialed 911 and the cops got their faster than a cheetah got to its prey. I felt like I was on top of the world. People gave me a standing ovation when I reached the exit doors. The sea of people started to roar. Chase, my family and I went to dinner afterwards in celebration of my achievement.
“Daddy, you should be a policeman!” My son Michael said with a happy look on his face. We all laughed, and what a night it was. After a great meal at Applebee’s, we went back to our gorgeous brick mansion. Our front lawn was gigantic, with a black gate in front of our property. When we pulled into the long driveway leading to the front door, we got out of our Escalade and I opened the front door, but it was already open, and some of the lights were on as well.

“That’s odd,” I said with a puzzling look. All of a sudden, my day felt like it went into rewind. Standing in front of me was another man that looked exactly the one from the bank. The universe froze for a second. We both stood still.

How did he find me? How did he escape from jail? The world unfroze, and he approached me and socked me in the face. Blood was dripping everywhere. My 5-year old son screamed and cried his lungs out as my beautiful wife covered his eyes. I got back up, but not for long. He elbowed me in the back and I fell again. He turned his back for a second and I saw my chance. I trip him up with my own feet and he fell face first on the blood stained carpet. I kicked him straight in the stomach, and then a second time. Slowly, he dragged his badly cut body to an upright position. He made a valiant effort by trying to uppercut me, but I was quicker than him, and blocked him. I had the upper hand, the advantage. It was all over, I jabbed him straight in the face and he went down instantly.
I picked up the phone, breathing heavily, and dialed 911 once again, “Hello cops, I got a runaway prisoner who broke into my house. He is now unconscious; we need you at 45 Main Street, Beverly Hills, California.”
“We’re on our way,” replied the policeman. Within five minutes, two cops showed up at our doorstep. One of them, a skinny and tall figure with a moustache came in and handcuffed him. The other one, a short, heavy set man with black hair covered in gel reported the incident, and tried to wake up the robber. He got up, and the policeman said with a serious look on his face, “You’re going to jail for a long time, son.” I felt relieved. “This man won’t be botherin’ you no more Mr. Fielder.”
“Thank you officers,” I answered with a smile on my face. I felt proud of myself, and what I did today to protect my family was probably the most courageous things I have ever done both at the bank and at our house. I almost fell asleep when my wife said to my badly cut face,
“Honey, I love you so much.”
“I love you too sweetheart.”
“You know what?”
“I think we should look into getting an alarm system.”
“Yeah, that does sound like a good idea.” At that point, I fell asleep, feeling stronger than anything. Only to find the next day, another suspicious and mysterious person lurking around the area, wearing all black.

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