November 15, 2010
Sirens blaring, K9’s smelling for clues, the smell of crime in the air, men in uniforms rummaging through the crime scene as if they have lost something, but what they don’t know is what or who they are looking for is right under there noes in disguise.

Thirteen years ago was the day. Me, my mom, my dad, and my twenty year old sister Kalee, we were a big happy family. I was six at the time, first day of school, walking home, to a loud sound. I walked into the house to my dad laying on the table sobbing. “Whats wrong dad” I asked, “Nothing honey”... Trying to get off topic, “Do you have any homework tonight” dad asked. “No” I replied with a sigh, heading to my room.

It became eight o’clock, and mom was still not home, “Dad where is mom?” I said with a little sadness in my voice. “Honey your mother went out to dinner with a couple of her friends”. I new that was not the truth, because she had never done that. “Dad why are you all of a sudden lying to me tonight, I was screaming to my self in my head, “you know something that you are not telling me”,

I had fallen asleep on the couch late that night waiting for mom to come home. I awoke to the phone ringing at six o’clock, which is the time I needed to get up to get ready for school. I went down stairs and started getting ready, when I heard my dad screaming on the phone from my room in the basement. “NO!” “NO,THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING”!!, I ran upstairs to see what was going on and dad shooed me away as if he told me to go back in my room and finish getting ready for school.

Mom was still not home yet, and I was starting to get a little worried. Dad hung up the phone, and was crying again, this hole crying this was very bazar, because I had never seen dad cry before. “Dad tell me what is going on right now, I know something is going on with mom WHERE IS SHE, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?”. “Honey this has nothing to do with your mother”. “THEN WHERE IS SHE” I shouted as I interrupted my father. “This is all about my boss and work.. you’ll find out someday”. I was very frustrated at this point because dad would not tell me anything, mom was not home, and Kalee was still at collage until tomorrow. Walking to school freezing in the morning, I was thinking about dad and last night, maybe this is all about work? But why would he be crying about his work? There has to be something more than just his job. I walked pass the gas station and it seemed like something popped out at me from the window, I took a second glimpse and in the window was a news paper, I had not thought anything of it, until I saw “WOMAN IN CAR ACCIDENT KILLED LAST NIGHT”. I ran over to the window, just as I saw the name Kendra, I new, I new that my mother was no longer with me anymore. Tears started to fill my eyes, as I looked at the paper and saw “no information given”. I wanted to run home but I new that the smart thing to do was go straight to school. I walked in to the building, my eyes swollen and my face fire red and hot. As i walked through the halls kids were running up to me asking if that was my mother, all i could do was shrug and walk away. At home that night, I told my dad what I saw, and asked him if that was what was wrong with him last night. He said yes as he walked away terry eyed. I ran up to my room crying, thinking about what I saw, howling to myself that this could not be happening! six years had past, Kalee was out of collage and I was now in Eighth grade. My dad was not talking about my mom anymore.
One day I randomly asked “Dad do you miss mom” “Yes of course I do” dad said. He tried to sound nonchalant, but i could tell in his tone that something was amiss.
“Why don’t you ever seem unhappy that she is gone?” “Well honey I have to take life like it is and I can not dwell on the past”. I thought about what he had said for a few seconds and realized that he was right. But how could I ever get over the fact that mom was no longer with me anymore? I was wondering in my head. My mother was my life, we had dinner every thursday (just me and her) and every saturday we would go shopping and watch a movie. Three nights before my mothers death, Her and my dad got in a big fight, they were screaming that they were no longer happy with each other and that they needed to take a brake. I was questioning if she killed herself? Why did she not think of me, or Kalee? Why did dad lie to me, all of that time? All of these questions were running through my head. In school one day, I had been thinking about mom all that day and decided to research about her, how she died, and why in the newspaper they did not give any information about her death. Researching was a lot of work. I still had a lot of loose ends, so I started to look for clues around the house. Three days of researching I had still not found anything. The fourth day was the day, I had been looking through my dads room and found a note, The note said: If anything happens to me, look for John Jefferson, he has been threatening to kill me for three months.

Sincerely, Kendra Jefferson.
I had so many feelings about that note, so many questions running through my head, Was this really my father?, was he really threatening her for that long? how come they never showed that they were unhappy together until then?. I immediately called the police, My dad had answered, and I was speechless, I never thought he would answer. I hung up the phone and called elizabeth my friend, I asked her if she could call the police and ask for the manager, and tell him to come to 425 highway street. She said no problem and hung up the phone. Within the half hour that I had called elizabeth, the cops had showed up. I told them that I found a note in my dads gun case in his room, and showed them what is said, after a few hours of questioning they had left. My dad had came home shortly after, and had found the gun case open on his bed. He ran out and was shouting at me, asking me why his gun case was open. I told him that i did not know and it was not me, it was the police. “Why the heck were the police in my room” my dad shouted at me. I told them that I found a note in your gun case and, I was scared and did not know what to do. “Why were you in my room in the first place”? dad asked. “I was looking for pictures of mom” I said in a sarcastic tone. Dad started hitting me and was screeching at the top of his lungs. The next day, dad had called in sick for work, the police had showed up on the doorstep and asked to talk to my dad alone. When they came back in, the cop had told me that they were going to take my dad away. I was scared but I new that if he murdered my mother then he deserved to be in jail. The trial was coming up in tree days and I was asked to go, I had a lot on my mind and a lot of questions to be asked and answered. The day of the trial came, and I was very nervous, I could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach, and I could here the sound of the judge pounding his gavel on the stand. There trial was very hard, it was sad knowing that this was my dad, that had killed my mother. There were a lot of questions being asked to my dad and very few answers. Thirteen hours of investigation, they found my dad guilty. That was the last time saw his face. Kalee and I had found a place of our own, were we could live happy and peaceful.

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