Love can kill (chapter 6)

November 20, 2010
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Chapter 6
“Tell me what happened in the police office,” John calmly said.
“They asked me questions, but I didn’t feel well, so they let me go. At the end they said they will meet me sometimes in the future.” Cindy replied
“Do you feel better now?” John asked concernedly.
“A little bit.”Cindy said. She then looked at her watch and saw that it was the time for her to go.
“Hey, John, I need to go. Nice to talk to you. Take care of yourself. Bye.” Cindy added.
When Cindy walked out of the jail, the sky was already dark. She got inside her car and drove home.
At 7:13 p.m. Cindy was at the doorway of her department. She opened the door. What she met were the darkness and loneliness. The atmosphere changed after Cindy turned on the light.
She opened the refrigerator and took out one package of microwave dinner. As the microwave heated the package, Cindy put down her handbag and lay on the sofa recalling what went on today.
“All things went wrong today, too crazy.” She murmured as she took her dinner out of the microwave.
After finished the dinner, Cindy’s mood completely changed. She felt strong and delighted, just like the way she was before. She turned on the radio and started to dance crazily. She leaned against the wall to rest a bit after half hour of hot dance. Then she walked to the refrigerator to get some cold water. As she opened the refrigerator door, a water bottle fell on the floor and it kept spinning until it hit the wall. Cindy picked it up. She loved the feeling of the cold water flowing down through the throat, especially after exercising.
Something suddenly ran across Cindy’s eyes, a spider. She chased after it. It ran through the small space between two big books on the bookshelf and was gone. A plastic bag full of things caught Cindy’s eyes. She took it out and looked through. Inside the bag were the short black dress that she wore on the day of Jason’s wedding and the short knife, the short knife that Jason gave her. The two things looked normal except for the blood all over them. She shivered and was very shocked and terrified by the things in front of her eyes. She had thrown two things into the bag and hadn’t even bothered to fold the dress. She quickly got a box and the tape and put the whole bag into the cardboard box. She then sealed the box with the duck tape. When all the things were done, Cindy wrote a letter to the police. She decided to mail the letter with the box tomorrow.
Dear Police officer,
This is Cindy Tyler. I found two suspect things at my house. I guess someone secretly placed these two things along with many of the beer cans at my house few days ago, and was trying to frame me. They put blood on my short black dress that I wore on the wedding day of Jason Mendoza’s and my short knife then hided them in my house and then reported to the police that I am suspicious and involve with the homicide case of Ms. White.
*I hope the police officer could give me the replied as soon as possible


Cindy T.

Cindy lay on her bed and couldn’t fall asleep. The pictures of the bloody dress and knife kept bothering her. Why? Why? All the weird things happened to me these days? Few days ago were the beer bottles and now the bloody short knife and the black dress. She said the words in her mind then turned on the radio, but instead of the pop music that she always listened, she chose the classical music to calm her mood. Soon, she was fallen in sleep, and she had a quite terrible dream.
It began with the scene when Cindy walked into the dressing room. Then Cindy started saying mean things to Stephanie, who was going to marry Jason that day. After saying many of mean words, Cindy forced Stephanie to look in the mirror at Stephanie’s own face and continued to made bad comments about it. Later, Stephanie screamed to get Jenny’s help, but this action made Cindy angrier. At the end, Cindy stabbed Stephanie with the short knife and then she ran away. Surprisingly, the short knife and the short black dress in the nightmare matched the knife and the dress in the plastic bag! Even the bloodstain was exactly the same!
The next morning, Cindy woke up at 6:34 a.m. The first thing she did after she opened her eye was to mail the box with the letter inside to the police office. Then she went back to her bed and continued her sleep.
Cindy woke up at 10:54 a.m. She took a deep breath and stretched. She opened the curtain. A bundle of sunlight suddenly shot in the room and later filled the rest of the room with light. The bright sunlight made Cindy shut her eyes and murmur “It’s such a wonderful day, I should do something special.”

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