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November 14, 2010
By Nick1 BRONZE, Vernon Hills, Illinois
Nick1 BRONZE, Vernon Hills, Illinois
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The killer hippie doll

On day my brother Nick, my little sister Jeet and I were shopping at toysrdumb.
We were there so Jeet could by a hippie doll. For months Jeet was raving about it. “Guess what mom, you can take off its headband.” Every single day she made up excuses. Jeet would never shut up about it. Finally our mom had enough and took her to the store to get it.

Then when Jeet found it she yelled, “I see hippie!” Soon after she put it in our shopping kart. When we got home Jeet opened it the same way she opened a Twinkie, her disgusting mouth. Like a little girl that she is, she screeched, “Hippie your mine.” After one hour of playing dress up with it Jeet got hungry and told our mom to take us to McDonalds for dinner. Nick and I stayed home while Jeet and mom went to McDonalds. Not forgetting her doll, Jeet ran to her room and grabbed it by the two fingers that the doll was holding up.

At McDonalds Jeet ordered 11 Big Macs. Usually she gets 10 but today she got one for the doll. While Jeet was inhaling her 8th burger she noticed her doll had a bloodstain on the dolls two fingers. Jeet tried to convince him self it was just ketchup. After a while of looking at it she felt sick.

On the ride home she told her mom to put the doll in the trunk. Then Jeet go home. She rushed up to her room with out her doll and got ready for bead. When she started brushing her teeth she started thinking what was wrong with doll. After two minutes of brushing Jeet looked in the mirror. Then Jeet caught a glimpse of her doll.

Jeet thought it was just her brain playing tricks on her so she crawled in to her bed. Right before she turned of the lights she saw a glimpse of her doll with a knife on his other pillow. In one move the doll stabbed her body. Then Jeet stayed there dead.

The doll then walked to Nick’s room. This time the doll only had one finger held up.
The end…

Or is it…

Read the sequel…

If there is one…

The author's comments:
Okay i got board and put my enemy in the story (jeet) and well he got ,, u know... passed away you can say

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