My Soft and Deep [Prologue]

November 14, 2010
By S7Walker BRONZE, Madera, California
S7Walker BRONZE, Madera, California
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The Council was in their meeting room with wide white walls, a high translucent ceiling and stained glass surrounding. The stained glass depicted each Angel in the council. However all of them were in disagreement beyond any hope. Ezekiel was shouting at Gabriel that the Demons needed to be dealt with right away. Gabriel was yelling back that they needed to be patient. Camael was arguing with Elijah about who started this mess in the first place. Gavreel and Hamaliel were trying to calm down Nathaniel who was starting to throw papers. Paschar was blaming Nisroc, saying that all of it was his fault, while Michael was standind up for him. Remliel and Uziel were not fighting but rather agreeing, however they were agreeing that neither was at fault. And then Zagzagel whispered in Virgil’s ear.
Virgil stood up, his white hair covering his unseeing eyes. “Quiet,” he whispered in a frail voice. Even though it was merely a whisper the room stopped talking at once. “This is not a bored meeting,” he said louder, trying to stand. “As we have seen on the planet we watch over. It is a council. We are to be rational, and intuitive, not screaming at who is at fault. We need to come up with preparation.”
“What preparation?” Hamaliel said. “We must act immediately, If we don’t who knows what will happen?”
“Hamaliel is right, I’m afraid,” agreed Gavreel. “We cannot just sit and do nothing.”
“We aren’t,” Virgil said softly. “Zagzagel and I have been encouraged with an idea that we would like to present to you. We are unsure about it at this point, but I would like to invite Stephen, Garfield, and Daveigh forward to present their hope. Children,” he called the three Angels waiting by the arch doorway forward.
One was built amazingly well. Strong arms unseen beneath a white sweatshirt. One would assume that his stomach too had a six pack and his legs were muscley as well. He had dark brown hair pulled back in a braid that was intwined with dove feathers. He was gorgeous.
The next was rather scrawny compared to him. He too had on a white sweatshirt, hoever his was zipped open with a white tank top underneath. It was thin, showing the abs and proving his scrawniness wrong. He had orange hair that was shaggy on his head, but not long enough to braid.
The third was female. She had on a white dress that was tied at the waist with a gold belt. She was beautiful with strong arms and curves. Her golden hair was left down held back by a white head band. She had mesmurizing warm brown eyes. They showed kindness down to her soul. She would do everything for the ones she loved.
“Live High,” they murmered as one. They bowed to Virgil who replied “Wings sigh. You may begin.”
The redhead spoke directly to the Council. “Good evening. My name is Garfield. We have an idea of whom and what is creating these demonic uprisings. And how to stop them.”
“And what would that be?” Elijah asked solemnly.
Daveigh stepped forward and took a deep breath. “My old apprentice. Desiree. She was cast from this world and now she is trying to bring down the human race. At least, that is what it seems.” She seemed to be adding that part to herself, and Virgil could tell that was because she wished it was not true. “We are not able to stop her. She resents all of us. If we intervened we have no idea what she would do. Killing is not in our nature.” She looked at Stephen and he stepped forward.
“So we started research in the past 7 months and found that the reasonable solution would be the thig we banned.” Stephen looked into the eyes of each Angel of the Council. “The thing that cast Desiree out of here.”
“Halves,” Virgil breathed.
“Precisely,” Garfield answered. “It was agreed by Hamaliel that the logical thing would be to ban the production of halves, thus it was so. But if we create, say, eight—”
“Seven,” Michael interrupted. “There should be seven. Seven is the holey number, as there are seven continents, well if you count the poles as one. Assuming that it works of course.”
“Thank you for faith, Father,” Garfield bowed. “See if we gather seven high Angels, though I do not think it would be appropriate for the council to be part of the seven, for reasons to come. These seven angels could find the most promising people and, er, mate with them. The seven children would become the seven halves, whose life goal is to rid the human world of demons. Once they have completed this, they are welcome back here.”
“But we will not put them on Earth until they have a full understanding,” Daveigh added. “That is vital.”
Virgil nodded once, liking the plan. “I see.”
“It will not be immediate,” Stephen added, “but we are certain these uprisings will be far greater than before. There may be other options for us, sir, but this is our best chance at the moment. Every second we wait, the strong Desiree is getting. She cannot get any stronger.”
“2009 then?” Elijah asked. “That would be 16 years to learn the ways of us. I think it’d be long enough.”
“However we haven’t voted yet,” Hamaliel reminded him. “I suggest we do so, indeed, sir?”
“All those,” Virgil said highly, “In favor of the Halves?”

The author's comments:
Inspired by the song "My Soft and Deep" off of The Matches album entitled Decomposer. This is only the prologue to many chapters.

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