The Broken Bridge

November 8, 2010
By blondeballerina BRONZE, Cheste Springs, Pennsylvania
blondeballerina BRONZE, Cheste Springs, Pennsylvania
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They told me we’d be safe here. They told me to take my sister out in the flower fields and play, no one would be around. They were wrong. Telly’s heartbeat quickened as she sped up, her little legs were moving as fast as they could. She kept flashing back to what happened just moments ago; the bridge cracking and the scene when she heard her sister cry. At 13, Telly didn’t have much to worry about, except for looking after her sister. Her mother called it her ‘special job’, and she took it quite seriously. Here now, everything was falling apart. Someone had been with Sarah, and ran away before I got back.

Telly’s throat ran dry, and she could barely swallow. Trying to push her rapid thoughts away, she ran like she never ran before; desperately out of breath and in need of an adult to come help. The muddy road was slippery and the high grass made her legs itch, but she didn’t care; she didn’t care about anything at this moment but Sarah. Her heart broke when she saw her beloved sister laying there, still. I shouldn’t have left her, Telly thought. She told me not to go but I wouldn’t listen, I told her I’d be right back but I took too long. Sarah needed help; and something bad was about to happen real fast if Telly couldn’t find someone. “Help!” she yelled, while falling to her knees. She managed to scream it a few more times, until her voice was gone completely. The sun was starting to go down. Minutes were passing, but to Telly they felt like hours. Sarah is dying, she whispered quietly.

The sound of rolling tires could be heard from the distance, a man pulled up in a pick up truck. He was a tall man, wearing a faded blue jacket and drinking a can of diet soda. He didn’t seem too concerned until his eyes met hers. From the look on his face she knew that no words needed to be spoken. It was if they connected in some strange way, and she was certain he knew something terrible had happened. She knew he was going to help her. Running up to the man, Telly latched onto his hand and pulled him back along the dirt road. They needed to reach Sarah, and fast.

The author's comments:
The opening to my NaNoWriMo novel.

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