Space between spaces...

November 8, 2010
By JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
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I walked towards the double door at the back of the now still ambulance. Everything and everyone was frozen in a time, at least that’s how it would look to me and Chad.
Me and Chad had vanished.
Not into time…
But the space between spaces.
The moments between moments.
He stood before us. I tried to walk towards him but feel on the bed that I once lay, the bed that was meant to be my death bed.
I’ll take her from here.
Chad simply allowed my brother to take my into his protective arms. Still standing motionless.
Tonight was no accident.
I bowed my head in acceptance. There had been no deer. Chad seemed to have realised to. But more importantly, he looked at Damien then at me, Chad’s thoughts were not shielded from Damien as they were from me.
She cant stay.
“Why not?” it seemed almost unnatural to have Chad speak out loud when Damien almost always spoke directly into our minds. But nether the less Damien answered in his natural way.
She’s in danger.
“I can pro-”
No you cant.
I wanted to argue but knew it was hopeless. Damien would take me away and I wouldn’t be able to fight back. No matter how much I wanted too. I buried my face into Damien’s exposed chest. He never covered up his muscular chest, he never needed to. He never interacted with them. His jeans were frayed where his feet where, I was always scared of him getting an infection but his feet stayed as they had always been, despite his stubbornness never wearing shoes. His long dark hair fell in perfect waves at each side of his face, his crystal blue eyes, turned cold and stern towards Chad.
He closed his eyes.
I did the same.
And I know Chad did too. A gust of strong wind swept over my face, I clung to Damien for my life.
I could of flown if I wanted to but at that moment I had forgotten I could have done so.
When I next opened my eyes, I was standing in a field.
The sun setting over the horizon. I saw Chad lying down in the over grown grass.
I recognised the field immediately, it was were I’d first met Chad. I breathed in the cool night air. My lungs filling with oxygen once more. I didn’t need to look to know Damien was behind me.
“Its always hard for humans to space.” I sighed. I remember when I’d first spaced with Chad, he’d fainted and I’d had to wait almost an hour for him to come round. However this was not the case, he came round almost instantly.
He didn’t ask questions but starred in awe at both me and Damien.
I took me only moments to realise what exactly he was looking at. I turned round to look at Damien.
I feel to my knees in respect at what I saw.
His black jeans had transformed into silk white pants. His chest bare and muscular radiated light, as did his perfectly carved face and features. His eyes glowed gold. His dark chestnut hair flowed in a white light.
His wings…
His wings were the purest of white, large and spread. Ready for flight. The feather were the size of an average mans arm span. I knew from experience those wings were strong and indestructible. They easily covered his body like a shelter if needed.
They reached out from his back…
Finally being released from their cage on his back, they spread to their full length and glowed a beautiful blinding white light.
Damien held my hands and made me rise before him.
“You are easily as stunning.”
That was the exact moment I took in my appearance.
I radiated a wonderful white light, my eyes I knew where a glorious bronze colour and my hair, what was pure ebony now, appeared white with a single black streak at the back.
As Damien before me, my human rags had transformed into a white dress, which opened at the back for my wings to spread and shine as they had not done in so long.
Finally released they showed to be pure white as my brother, they were soft and weak but still, even to an angel they were indescribably beautiful.
It took me so long to take in my natural appearance I had almost completely forgotten that Chad still stood before me, I turned to him. A blank look on my face, to a human the impossible had just happened so caution was to be taken. I would have been happy to allow us time to get use to our now apparent difference in life but Damien who was quick to keep the time stepped in.
“She cant stay. I’m sorry. We are needed back home, this time is no longer safe for us.” Damien’s voice ran like silk and had the power of a god. Although this was not the first time Chad had heard Damien’s voice, he still hesitated in answering.
“…Where will you go?” I could sense in his voice that question for me but he directed it at Damien all the same.
“We as Spirits can not only travel between moments we can stay within them. We can exist in the moments between moments.” Damien detested humans lack of knowledge on the world around them, that not only is theirs but ours too.
I, however, learnt that humans were not to blame for our existence being merely a myth of their mind.
I looked blankly at Chad, I hoped that Chad remembered as a Spirit my emotions were more under control and I could choose what to feel and the amount of depth I allowed that emotion, if he didn’t remember to him I was simply ignoring him.
“If you leave people will ask questions.” Damien passed in front of us, he walked calmly over to Chad both men equally matched though Damien had the look of a man of twenty two and Chad a man of eighteen, both men carried the same obligation of protection.
Over me.
“I have wiped their memories. Rosie and Damien Castaway never existed. You have been granted access to those memories however.” Damien made no effort to allow the look of disgust to cross his face at telling Chad, a mere human in my brother’s eyes, he could be permitted into our lives.
I stepped in-between the two boys. I was at least a foot smaller then either so my presence was a feeble one but my strength matched Damien’s and exceeded Chad’s so both easily backed off.
I turned to look at Chad, I rested a hand on his cheek, brushing his golden hair out of his eyes, he looked at me in amazement. I knew my wings were batting against the wind, urging me to fly.
I denied them their rightful place in the sky a while longer.
“You know this is right.” He grabbed the hand that lay on his cheek and held it on his heart.
“No its not. Stay.” I could hear Damien approaching, I opened up my wings in a protecting stance and Damien stopped abruptly. I wrapped them round both Chad and me. The thick feathers acted like sound proofing.
I looked up at Chad. As a human I had been able to show sadness by crying, now as a spirit I could not.
I whispered the three words I know my heart, spirit or human, wanted. Unwrapping my wings and standing by my brother I looked at Chad, he would always remember me, he would look for me, he would never let me go.
The impossible works both ways… for Chad he discovered angels were real. For me I discovered spirits could cry.

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