The eyes within the alley

November 17, 2010
By , Tucson, AZ
It was another night in a bustling city. The lights were practically blinding, there wasn’t a shadow in sight. The smell of exhaust was overwhelming, it seemed to affect all five senses at once, like something horrible yet fascinating. The sound of cars screaming at each other could be heard for miles, the most audible sound yet. Followed by some obscene words. She went on with her window-shopping. Being careful to stay away from the alleys that took the appearance of a maw within her mind, she swore she could see teeth. She disregarded the thought and walked on, taking occasional glances into stores, then sighing and continuing on. Muttering things under her breath like “If only if only…” She looked up and saw a massive television advertising products. She stood there and watched for thirty seconds. She turned her head and looked into another alley, the shadows seemed to be swarming, almost breathing. She did her best to stifle a scream that rapidly built up when she saw what looked like a limb, lying there like it was some discarded possession. All that came out was a sigh that morphed into a moan. She closed her eyes, and then re-opened them, as if that would make it disappear. It did. It was gone completely, 100%, it was as if the shadows engulfed it. She continued on, thinking that it was never really there, thinking that someone spiked her drink and she was now seeing things. She once again discarded the thought, but her conscious spoke up, telling her to go back and to investigate, to call the police or something. She looked back, not directly towards the alley, but close to it. There was a man in a suit, wearing a hat that covered his eyes. She wondered how long he had been following her, she also wondered if she was that oblivious to her surroundings, like some foreigner in a completely new world. She started to walk faster, taking a quick glance over her shoulder every couple of minutes, to see if the mystery man was still following her. He was. She walked into the next store she saw, and went inside. Pretending to browse at the selection of clothes. She took occasional glances at the mirrors that served as security. He was gone. Her mind was pacing, all of her thoughts whirling around in her head. “Oh god, he knows that I saw something, something that I wasn’t supposed to see and now he’s after me just like that. Curiosity killed this cat.” She couldn’t help but giggle nervously. A shopper looked at her in disbelief, and continued on. She decided that it was safe to come out after being in the store for ten minutes. Before leaving, she bought a hat. Hoping it was enough to obscure her identity. She was wrong. Dead wrong.

She walked out, hoping that the hat would work. The clerk that owned the store remembered seeing this lady, she was later interviewed by the coroner that was in charge of the autopsy. The woman in the ridiculous hat was resuming her stroll, trying her best not to look back. Trying her hardest not to see if she was still being followed. She stopped in front of another store, simultaneously using the mirror to approve her appearance and using the window as a sort of mirror. Angling just right to look at her previous path. He was gone (or so she thought). Her last thought was to forget about this whole night, maybe go for some heavy drinking. That is when the hellish creature in the alley appeared.

Her footsteps seeming to echo, almost seeming to laugh at her. The mystery man finally appeared. “You must RUN” he yelled. “Run now, before it gets you!” She was paralyzed. Unable to move as she watched the creature from the shadows start to materialize right in front of her. She tried to scream, but all that came out was a depressed sigh. It stared at her, with an eye roughly the size of herself. The maw appeared next, followed by rows of viciously sharp teeth. A clawed hand appeared, seeming to scream sorrow. Then the creature morphed out of the building, appearing easily over six feet tall, with a tail that was covered in spikes that were secreting a lethal poison, and at the tip was what looked like a deformed scythe. It looked down at her, grabbing her throat and crushing her windpipe, she couldn’t breathe anyways, and now her face was taking on a dull shade of blue. She could only stare with a facial expression that described horror and awe itself at the menacing creature as it started to speak. It was like listening to somebody crushing rocks. She had to grit her teeth from screaming. It was inside her head, seeming to travel throughout her body. The voice was tremendous and menacing, full of rasps and growls. You have seen the remains of another victim, and with that I cannot allow you to live. You were on my death list anyways, better sooner than later I always say. She heard laughter that reminded her of buildings exploding, it was in her head, threatening to kill her from the inside out. The man turned to the creature. “Seldor, it wasn’t supposed to be like this! The boss…“
That was all he could get out before he was encased within the creature’s tail, the wicked scythe pointed at his throat, promising to decapitate him if he didn’t stop speaking. Now the hellish voice was in his head, making his eyes bulge from his sockets: How dare you, the creature snarled, it reminded his first victim of a jet engine starting up, deafening at such close range. Know your place, mortal. You people could never harm me. Just to emphasize this point, Seldor constricted his tail, applying a lethal amount of pressure, making his intestines threaten to break free of his body and onto the floor below them. I’LL DEAL WITH YOU LATER. The man tried his best not to vomit, but failed. His previous meal spewing on him, seeming to phase through the creature, like it wasn’t even there.

A citizen passing by would only have seen the two people, standing there. Seldor allows you what you can see, and can’t for that matter…

The creature turned it’s attention back to the woman, who was starting to turn pale, he loosened his grip. (Not to kill you yet, my darling) It glared at her, remembering that any gaze into the eyes of Seldor would drive anyone insane. He lowered his face, massive nostrils exhaling a pungent stench. She had no idea what she was smelling, and then it hit her. It was like smelling musty copper. It was the smell of blood. That’s when Seldor opened his (more like it’s) mouth, once again revealing those rows of teeth. I promise to make it fast. Directed to the woman, and to the man: Get away while you still can, You KNOW how I get around…BLOOD. Followed by a vicious cackle of laughter that made him want to swallow cyanide. He was tossed out of the alley, his face making contact with the asphalt. Followed by a dull smacking sound. He was spared…for now.

There was no escaping Seldor’s wrath. If you were on his death list, you were done for. He would never tell you when, often toying with you, sending subliminal messages of a corpse, or a claw, or the inside of his mouth. That’s what he enjoyed the most…in a close second, to eating his victims. He licked her face, the massive forked tongue encased her face in sticky saliva. She started crying. He started to laugh. His eye color went from green to a shade of crimson red. Coming from within the alley was the sound of bones snapping and flesh being torn. He started from the bottom and worked his way up, loving it as usual. Arteries spurting all over the walls of the alley, the forensic team could only describe it as one hell of a mess. There were sickening slurping sounds followed by smacking. A small kid heard this, and would wake up screaming to the sound for the rest of his life. Seldor usually played with his victims, but tonight was different. Tonight he was hungry. No sense in playing with your food. Then he was gone. Once again materializing into the shadows within the alley, all that remained was the hat.

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