My Plans

November 16, 2010
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“Oh my god Alex what did you do?”

“I killed him.”

“Why would you do that…are you insane?”

“He figured out my plans and tried to stop me, so I had to get rid of him.”

“What were your plans…and what the hell kind of plans would make you kill a human being?”

“Well Stanley, since you are my best friend I will tell you.”

“Alright well spit it out, I’m getting uncomfortable standing next to a dead body with you holding a bloody knife in your hand and ten or fifteen stab wounds in his chest.”

“It all started when that social services person came to the restaurant the other day.”

“H…Hold on, a social worker came to see you at work.”

“Yeah, you know Mary and I have been having financial troubles lately.”

“Ok, ok back on subject I want to hear the rest of the story.”

“Well, as I was saying the social service person came to the restaurant and said that they would take Kayla away from us if we didn’t come up with 500,000 dollars to support her, and I only have about 265,000 dollars saved up.”

“Holy crap, they really said they would take her from you guys.”

“Yes! She has been our daughter for five years and when we adopted her she became ours. It’s not fair! So I was planning on robbing the bank down the street of 475,000 dollars, but this mest up son of a b**** had to figure everything out and try to stop me!”

“Ok, I get that you were being stupid, but why are you in my house!”

“That’s a simple answer, I am you see wearing gloves, and that is so I don’t get finger prints on the knife.”

“Okay, but that still doesn’t explain why you are in my house!”

“See, I figured that if I brought him here, killed him, I would…”

“You would what! What would you do?”

“I would shoot you and make it look like you stabbed him, in your own house, and you then shot yourself because of regret.”

“W…What, but I’m your best friend Alex, you’ve gone crazy!”

“I will do anything for my family, that is why I have this gun, and I am going to shoot you, put the knife in your hand to get your finger prints on it, lay it on the floor, and put the gun in your hand. After that I’m going to proceed to rob the bank.”

“Oh my god, your serious, Alex! P…Please, please don’t do this…”

“I’m sorry.”

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