The Day She Died

November 13, 2010
By fairbrat BRONZE, Sacramento, California
fairbrat BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Sophie watched the house burn. She watched as the orange-red flames licked from the foundation to the roof. Her hopes and dreams, her past and present were in that house. The same building being swallowed whole. She knew she was wasting precious time watching the house smolder, but she coundn't help but wonder why. Why her father would set fire to the house that held her, her mother Renee, her sister Annalise, and her fiance Jace within its walls. Sophie saw somethng move out of the corner of her eye, something from the shadows, and something that was coming for her.

Robert Wells was drunk again, just like he was every other night. But this time he was angry. A furious drunk taking his unexplained rage out on his family. Well, what was left of his family. The family that was trapped inside a flaming house, and were probably all dead by now. He stumbled out of the nearby trees to find his oldest daughter, Sophie, watching the house burn, turn to find him coming toward her. He hurried his speed, and she noticed. Nothing in his brain explained why he wanted to murder his family, he just felt that they all deserved to die. And he would kill every last one of them. Including his daughter. Sophie Wells.

Sophie backed away as she saw her father quicken his pace of stumbling toward her. She turned and ran, faster than she ever had in PE when she was in school. She didn't even know she had tripped until her face collided with the wet dirt and grass. At that point it was too late. She turned over onto her back to find Robert Wells coming straight at her, a butcher's knife held high in his hand. It came down swiftly, and as soon as the knife collided with her chest, Robert Wells backed off his bleeding daughter's body, and ran.

Sophie laid there, dying, slowly bleeding to death. And as she died, she thought about all the things she would miss. She would most certainly miss the love of her life, Jace. She would also miss her little sister Annalise, who was only 15, while Sophie was 23. She would miss her mother the most though. The one person who was always there for her. Who held her when she cried, and made her laugh forever. As Sophie Wells thought about her family, she wished something. She wished the ones who perished in the fire would be at peace, even though they were already most likely dead. But she also wished something for her dead-beat-drunk-father. She wished he would burn in h*** for doing this to her, for doing this to her family. For coming home drunk, and sometimes high her entire life. He would pay.

Then Sophie Wells, like her family, died.

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