Haunting on Grave Yard Street

November 12, 2010
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It was February 6th on a Friday and I was sitting with some of my friends at lunch. This girl started to walk to our table, she looked a little weird but she seemed nice.

“ Hey Jenna I’m Abby I’m having a party tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come. I already invited some of your friends.” She said to me.

“Sure, I will ask my mom about it. Where do you live by the way?” I asked her. On the side of my napkin she wrote he address with a pen she found on the floor.

“Here you go Jenna Hope you make it. Its gonna be a lot of fun.” She said with a huge smile. Lunch was over and we all reported to the last class where we only had 20 minutes left then we would go home. DING!!!!!!!!!! Finally it was the end of the day and I’m happy to go home, and tell my mom about the party Abby invited my friends and I to. So I got on the bus where Chad is saving me a seat right next to him. Chad is one of the cutest boys in school he has blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a perfect smile, He liked me and I liked him back but we weren’t dating.

“Hey Jenna, how was your at school today?”
“It was good I got invited to Abby’s party that’s today. What about you?” he looked at me with gazing eyes and said

“Oh that’s cool yeah of course she invited me but I don’t know if I want go”

“You should go Chad, I’m going and we should hang out at her party we can talk all night long”

“Ok Jenna, just for you, I will go”

“Ok Chad see you at the party.” I got off the bus and walked down the street to my house. When I walk in my house my mom was watching the news. I dropped my stuff in my room and went to my mom and said “hey mom I just came from school guess what?”
“What? Did you get a good grade?” she said.
“Well, I did but that’s not what I was gonna tell you. I was going to tell you that I was invited to a party and all my friends are going. Can I go and I need you to drive me there.” I said.
“MMMMM…………. Did you do your homework yet?” She said to me firmly.
“I didn’t get any because IT’S FRIDAY!!”
“Okay fine I’ll take you but clean your room or you don’t go.” She said.
Two hours I told my mom I was finished cleaning, so it was time to go. She put on some lipstick and got the keys then she got into the car with me. I gave her the napkin that Abby gave me a lunch.

“103 graveyard Street P.A” she said. So we were on our way to the party. All we saw were shadows of fence posts stretched across the field. It was starting to get dark and my mom was driving so……….. slow.

“Mom pick up the pace I’m never going to get there” I said eagerly.

“ Calm down, I’m a little lost all I see are fields not even one house; plus its starting to get dark.” She told me with a nervous voice. I started to see a bright yellow like ahead ……….. it was a car. In the car there was a man with a read hat on. He looked nervous and scared. My mom honked at him to tell to stop so she can ask him for directions, but before she could ask him anything the man yell, “don’t go back there something is going wrong.” Then he froze and started to look up at the moon. My mom ignored him and just kept driving and we started to see people staring at the moon just like the man from the car. I started to get a little creeped out. When my mom felt a cold breeze, and we heard a yell. My mom started shaking, she was really worried and scared. All I knew was that I wanted to get to the party, but at the same time I didn’t like where I was driving through. At the end of the road there was a sign that said “PARTY” with balloons. On the ride bottom corner of the sign there was an arrow that was pointing to the graveyard. My mom drove into the graveyard and there we saw a big gray house, with two old oak trees on each side of the house. I heard music so I walked out of the car and my mom came with me. When we opened the door of the house and walked in it was dark. The door shut behind us.

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