(Army of) The Dead

November 11, 2010
By Kasrain SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
Kasrain SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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I open my eyes. I find myself laying flat on my back. I can see from my eyes, but I can't control myself. I have the worst headache. The stench of blood clutching my nose, with each passing moment that I smell it, I become more nauseated. My nauseation caused me to not realize the scent of blood fueling my growing hunger. A million questions run through my mind simultaneously. 'Where am i?' 'What happened?' 'Where's my phone?' 'What time is it?' As the questions run, I decide to attempt to answer them.

I force myself to control my body and I succeed. I slowly stand up and when I reach my feet, I look around. It's very dark and seemingly sinister as I see the long rows of shackles with what seems like human bones attached to them. The scariest thing is, that I don't lose my mind, run, and try to find a way out. I see the dead bodies before me, yet I remain calm. 'What's going on?' As the pulsing headache grew, I chose to find a way out, or to find some food.

I walk steadily down the long, eerie tunnel. The walls on both sides are covered with shackles. Some contain bones, the others must have already disintegrated, I concluded. As I continue down the dimming tunnel, I noticed a shadow at the end. It stepped in time with me and even made the exact same arm motions.

''Hello.'' I called aloud, ''Who's there?''

The figure's mouth moved exactly like mine, yet I was answered by the echo of my own voice. I stopped in my tracks and stared down at the figure. It stared back at me. I raised an arm and the figure did the same. We were about 10 feet apart. I could see it clearly and I couldn't take my eyes off of the hideous thing. The skin hanging off of its bones, its oversized, filled-with-holes, jaws, its distorted shape. Its yellow, glowing eyes with no pupils. Its eyelids were gone. Its jeans were ripped and his short was torn in half and engulfed in holes and blood. It had no hair. It wasn't an appealing sight at all, and as disguisted as I was, I couldn't look away. Unknowingly, I stepped forward and he did the same. 'What the ... ?' I thought.

Then suddenly, the figure breaks off, turns around, and runs down the corridor. I, shocked by the sudden change in behavior, decided to follow it. That hunger, still increasingly growing. I blindly walked, my eyes still fixated on the gruesome creature. The creature stopped and turned back around. I stopped in my tracks and waited. 'What's it going to do?' The creature stared back with it's hollow, yellow eyes.

''Blaaaarrrrggh. Heellskiii!!!! Jwankwanka! Nuu Swaarrrooow Awayaaddd offtt dedhhhh!!!''

I blinked and when I reopened my eyes, the creature was gone. Again, no fear came. Just curiosity, as I stared at the door after the disappearance spot of the creature. The door was old, I assumed. There was noise coming from the other side, and my hunger and curiosity led me to open it. I opened the door and a body dropped right in front of me. Seeing the body caused my mouth to water, and I wondered why. I looked up from the body and stared into the night. It was completely dark, yer I could see clearly. I could see all the creatures that looked exactly alike, chomping on the flesh and bones of humans. I see men, women, and even children running away in a vain attempt to escape. To escape an army of the dead. Suddenly, all the creatures stop and stare at me. A chill is sent up my body, but no fear comes. I just stand there. Then, all the creatures open their mouth and yell the same chant.

''Blaaaarrrrggh. Heellskiii!!!! Jwankwanka! Nuu Swaarrrooow Awayaaddd offtt dedhhhh!''

They yell it a few more times, and then it hits me. I now know what they want me to. I now know what they are saying. 'Take. Your! Place! In the army of the dead!!!' I look back down at the body laying before me. I pick up the human with ease and stare at his face. His perfectly defined cheekbones. His glistening, white teeth. His tongue looked delightful. I ripped his jaws open and snatched his tongue from out of his mouth. I looked at the delicate thing and water descended from my mouth onto the ground. I dropped the tongue into my mouth and swallowed it hole. My hunger descended, but I wasn't full yet. I ate the rest of the human, and then ventured out and joined the creatures as they yelled once more before they continued their killing spree.

''Nuu Swaarrrooow Awayaaddd offtt dedhhhh!''

'Army of the dead.'

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