Identical Twins, a Party Invitation and a Locked Closet.

November 10, 2010
By Anonymous

I told my mother I would be back before midnight. While I knew my mother felt better on the inside, knowing what time her teenage daughter would be home. I also knew that in between now and midnight, I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted. Somehow I felt I was cheating my mother out in some way because while she was all warm and fuzzy on the inside, I was headed to a party that was guaranteed to be the best party of the year. It was Edmund Hart’s annual homecoming blow out. Edmund was the captain of the baseball team and everyone knew Edmund, whether he knew you or not. And it was one of those parties that you didn’t go to unless you were invited by one of Edmunds closest friends of Edmund himself.
Edmund’s best friend Trevor Minor invited me. I was surprised when during the break in Geology class; Trevor turned to me and asked,
“Are you going to Edmund’s party?”
I turned to look at him to make sure he was talking to me, which he was. “Oh, I don’t know, sounds like fun.”
“It would be cool to see you there.”
Right then the bell rang and so we parted ways. He left first; I could see his brother Mason just outside the door. They looked exactly alike, twins of course but defiantly different tastes and Mason looked like he was pissed and waiting for Trevor. I’ve never talked to Mason before but I have passed him in the halls and I never bothered to get to know him.
I was walking a little slower than usual, thinking. I just got invited to the best party of the year, and there was no way I was missing it.
I’m finally at Edmund’s house and I hear the music and laughter from outside. I looked at my passenger seat. There was the perfectly wrapped present my mother decided I needed to bring to this ‘party’ I was going to. I sighed. If I came home with it, mom would be furious. But if I went inside with it, I would be the laughing stock of the entire school. I grabbed the present, hoping I could just randomly leave it somewhere in the house and someone would just come along and pick it up. It was getting pretty cold outside. It seamed colder because I was wearing my shorts, knee-high boots, and a semi-wrinkled t-shirt.
I went inside and bumped my way through the crowd. I got bumped into a corner where I found Trevor talking to some boy I didn’t recognize. The boy walked away when he saw me and so I took the opportunity to talk to Trevor.
“Hey Trevor, thanks for inviting me” I gave him one of those little smile’s.
“Oh hey…” His face completely gave away that he didn’t remember me at all. I sighed.
“My name is Lisa. If you don’t remember.”
“I remember! Just too much to drink I guess…”
He was acting strange but I just assumed it was the drinks. He looked down at the package I was holding.
“Why do you have a present?”
“Oh,” My cheeks burned pink. “Oh just grabbed it. You can have it. It’s just some cookies… You don’t look well anyway. Cookies are magical like that, making you feel better. Have one, I’m going to go grab a drink.”
“Thanks… I’ll come with you.”
I think he liked them, even though it didn’t show very much. A closet shy person so it seemed, cute. So we walked through the crowd trying to find the table where there might be something to drink. The room was buzzing with people, music pounding in my ears and I couldn’t see right with all the lights flickering. Trevor helped lead me a bit so we found the counter with all the drinks. Trevor said he’d get me one and went around the corner into the kitchen.
I meant to follow but I was stopped when I heard someone calling my name. It was Georgia; we had been friends since freshman year.
“Lisa! Hey Lisa! Hey, I didn’t know you would be here. Who is that you were with?”
“Oh him? Trevor, he invited me so I came and he said he would grab me a drink. What are you doing here?”
Georgia laughed. “I love going to these parties, entertaining every time. S*** always happens here!”
“Ahh…” As long as I didn’t get caught up in a fistfight I was fine. Right then Lindsay bumped right in the middle us and turned to Georgia.

“Georgia! Edmund said he was looking for you! Go find him NOW!”

“Oh my gosh, ok, bye Lisa!”
And that was the end of that conversation, and it was only a short time after they left me that Trevor came back with the drinks. It looked clear like water but it defiantly wasn’t water by the smell of it.
“Vodka” He said. “Edmund’s got his special stash.”
“Oh didn’t know I was special…”
“Uh, well, I don’t know if anyone has put anything in the beer…”
“Oh… thank you.” I blushed. It would be so amazing if he liked me.
We stood there and talked for a long time, it was 15 minutes to midnight when I glanced up at the clock remembering my curfew, also looking down at my drink.
“I’m supposed to be home at midnight… but I’ve been drinking for a while too. I might have to go ask Georgia if she’ll give me a ride home. Sorry Trevor.
“Oh ok… I think I saw her go that way down the hall, bye”
Strange but I thought I saw her go the other way. Maybe when I wasn’t looking she got down the other way.
“Thanks Trevor, for inviting me, I had fun talking to you.”
And so I left him. He was a lot different at this party than he was at school, defiantly less outgoing. Oh well, I will see him at school on Monday anyway. So I walked down the hall to see if I could find Georgia. But I didn’t see her. Maybe she was in the closet making out with Edmund.
So I checked the closet. I opened the door; it was dusty, filled with cleaning materials but no Georgia. As I backed out of the closet to see if she was in another room I felt a very hard push on my back and I went flying into the closet. I fell on my face because the alcohol made me loopy but when I turned to see who pushed me all I saw was the slam of the door and I heard the lock turn. Someone had locked me in. Oh man, this was bad. I banged on the door trying to get someone’s attention but the music was too loud.
I started to feel dizzy. Remembering my health classes, I never saw Trevor pour the drinks. What if he put something in them? I could not think about whether Trevor had drugged me or not anymore because everything went black and I heard nothing and saw nothing for a long time.
But when I did hear something it was someone talking.
“She’s alive but I think she’s drugged up. Call an ambulance”
Who is alive? I wanted to open my eyes to see what they were talking about but it was too bright and it hurt my eyes.
“What… hey!” I mumbled trying to get their attention. They leaned down close to my face. He tried to open my eyes forcefully
“Ouch! That hurts!”
“She’ll be ok, lucky though. Who ever did this didn’t look in the closet.”
I was picked up by what felt like two people, I opened my eyes just a little to get a look and what I saw was something so scary that I could only pray I was still asleep. I saw the bodies of my classmates sprawled across the room covered in their own blood, dead. I closed my eyes, and a new voice spoke, a very official voice.
“All evidence points to the Mason Minor. His brother Trevor was found dead at home last night around 11:45 PM.”
Oh… So I wasn’t talking to Trevor last night… it was Mason.

The author's comments:
This was a piece that started as a class assignment and I actually became quite fond of it.
Thank heaven for online story prompts.

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