Saving Gabriel

November 10, 2010
By MMGloria BRONZE, Stephens City, Virginia
MMGloria BRONZE, Stephens City, Virginia
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My best friend, or so it seemed, Teddy McGrain, offered me a drink. I denied it, knowing what he was offering me wasn’t a Pepsi, even though it fizzled and looked like Pepsi. I couldn’t even trust him in this surrounding. In this packed, jungle of a party that was supposed to be a few friends getting together for Lisa Ann’s mid-year bash. A mid-year bash that she had every year around May that I never attended. This year was my first time attending and Teddy talked me into it.

I remembered what my mom told me before I left though: "OK, you can go. Just be sure there is no sex, no drugs, and no alcohol."

I stood posted, leaning against the wall in the entrance of Lisa Ann’s house with Teddy standing beside me. In front of me I stared at the staircase that went upstairs. “American Idiot” by Green Day boomed from the advance sound system that was in the living room not far from the entrance.

“Come on, man. Eddie and I are getting wasted while you’re here--against the wall--not having any fun. Come on!” Teddy threw his arm, with the beer that he offered me in his hand, across my back and then leaned in close to my face. He pointed with his free hand towards the living room area. “Look over there. You see those hotties sitting there on the couch. Dude, your name is, like, all over them. Go get ‘em!”

I shoved his drunk, smelly body away from me. “Naw, you go get ‘em. Someone’s got to get you and Eddie home tonight, dude.”

He flashed me off with his free hand. “You don’t drink. You don’t curse. You don’t party. It’s a waste of time bringing you here.” He walked off then spun back around. He stood in front of me and leaned into my face. “I bet you’re still a virgin.”

I just looked at him, and then he walked off into the crowd of parting people in the living room.

Teddy was right, I was still a virgin. I didn’t let him get the satisfaction in seeing me even flinch though. Why? Well, that’s simple. Because I wanted to be a virgin. I wanted to stay untouched and clean, respecting my body as a holy vessel giving to me by God Himself. Sex should be done with your wife alone once you’re married, that’s the way I was raised up and thought and that’s the way I planned to keep it.

I continued to keep my stance against my wall next to the entrance, when Ginny emerged from the crowded living room. Ginny was a decent hot girl. I knew her from school. She was the only child to one of the biggest lawyers in town. She paused where she stood and started eyeing my out. She had black hair that fell on her nice boobs, her nice boobs that hid under a tight orange shirt she had on. They were not too big nor too small--just right. She slowly walked towards me with a drink in her hand and a smile on her face. Oh, dear Lord.

“Hey,” Ginny yelled, fighting with her small voice to compete with the booming sound system that was playing “TNT” by Kiss. “Can we talk?”

I looked past her into the living room at all of the drunks and weed heads rocking to Kiss. “Uh, sure.”

“Can we talk somewhere more quieter? Please?”

I really wanted to keep my wall…but what the heck. “Where?”

“In the kitchen.” She grabbed my hand and lead me through the packed living room and past the dank, weed-smelling dining room.

When we got into the dimly lit kitchen, that was surprisingly empty, and where the music wasn’t as loud, she offered me a drink as I leaned against the counter. “Can I get you something to drink? Soda or anything?”

I lifted my wrist and looked at my watch. The time read eleven thirty-two. I had to be home by twelve. “A soda would be nice.”

“Right.” She opened the refrigerator and got a soda for me. Coca-Cola.

“Thank you.” I took the soda and placed it down on the counter beside me. “You said you wanted to talk to me?”

“Yeah.” She leaned against the counter beside me and started digging in her pocket. Not long after she pulled out a lighter and a joint. She lit the joint, toke it good, and then held it out in front of me. “Here. Hit this.”

I shook my head in disappointment and started to walk away, when she placed her joint down on the counter and grabbed my wrist.

I turned to face her. “Let go of me, Ginny. You said you wanted to talk to me and then you offer me a soda and a joint? Wassup?” She weaken her grip and I twisted my wrist free out of her hand. Grabbing her shoulders, I leaned into her face. “I didn’t come here, to this stupid party, to get high or have sex.”

That was her chance.

Without warning, Ginny rammed her face into mine, forcefully kissing me. She then wrapped her arms around my chest and held tightly.

“What the…let go of me Ginny!” I gripped her waist with my hands and tried to push her away. I didn’t work. “Come on, Ginny!”

“Get the hell off of him,” I heard someone behind me yell.

I turned my head to the side and tried to see who it was, but the kitchen was too dim for me to fully make out who the shaded figure was. Whoever it was, they had Ginny shook. Wide-eyed, Ginny looked at me then at the figure behind me, then back at me. Quickly, she released me and ran out of the kitchen.

I turned around to see who my savior was and sawed the back of a decent looking girl with long black hair that cascaded down her shoulders and stopped in the middle of her back. She started walking away. “Follow me.”

“Wait--” She already exited the kitchen for a side entrance, so I just ran and followed her.

The side entrance lead to a hallway that brought us back to the living room. The drunks still were partying hard as I tried to cross through the large group of people.

I followed the black haired girl out of the living room and then we reached the front of Lisa Ann’s house where the staircase stood. To my surprise the mysterious black haired girl started climbing the stairs. I stopped at the bottom of the staircase and hesitated. Staring at the stairs that lead up--and that black haired girl butt as she went up also--made me think of my mom and what she had said. Be sure there is no sex. I knew my mom trusted me to not get into anything and I trusted myself. No matter what happened, no sex. She was almost at the top, so I ran up after her.

When I reached to the top of the staircase the music downstairs had became a faint echo. I looked straight ahead at the dark, empty hallway and spotted the black haired girl turn off into a room that was at the end of the hallway. “Wait,” I yelled and ran down the hallway towards the room.

I ran inside the room at the end of the hallway, and something felt wrong. The walls inside the room were white and there was no furniture in the room, just an old, raggedy mattress in the center of the room on the floor. Standing beside it, oddly enough, was the black haired girl.

“Hey, who are you,” I asked, staring at her poise that remained straight. “Turn around so I can see you.”

The black haired girl slowly turned around, and when she came to face me my blood ran cold. She looked exactly like Ginny.

“No! You can’t be…”

Ginny smiled. “Yes, I am.”

I shook my head. “But how did you--”

Boom! The room door slammed behind me and I jumped wildly.

My eyes widened in horror when I turned around and sawed who slammed the door. “Oh my God,” I mumbled.

It was another Ginny--no the first Ginny. The first Ginny in her tight orange shirt. The first Ginny who had grabbed me in the kitchen.

Shaking my head, I backed away and spun my head back and forth until I was standing with both Ginny’s on either side of me. I knew something bad was about to happen, something I had no control over.

I ran and dove for the door when the fist Ginny grabbed my head and rammed it into her knee. I staggered back, uncontrollably, while blood streamed down my forehead, until the second Ginny grabbed me. She wrapped her arms around my waist tight, holding me in a lock, while the first Ginny slowly walked towards me, smiling.

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