Be Lost

November 11, 2010
By Chiconey BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Chiconey BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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I awoke to the buzzing sounds of voices. I hadn’t a single clue as to where my body lay limp. Besides the fact that pine needles threatened to break the skin on my back, it was muddy and smelled of trees. This may entail that I was laying silently in a forest, but the buzzing of voices told me different. I grew tired of lying on the ground. I forced my eyes open slowly. The light seeped in causing my eyes to shut once again. I rolled my body over to one side. My face was turned toward the ground and I now decided to open my eyes. I opened them slowly.

Looking around I saw what didn’t surprise me. I was in a forest. I sat up, my arms holding my pale body up. Pale? This confused me. I waited for a second trying to focus on what had happened when Smack! Reality hit me. I knew what happened. I knew why I was here. The flashback took me under complete blackness.

I stumbled over a tree root silently. Violet turned around with a sad look on her face. This caused sorrow to form within me.

“What’s wrong Violet?” I asked concerned.

“Stephaun, I can’t keep acting like I’m fine” she said staring down at the muddy ground.

“What are you talking about?” I asked somewhat irritated.

“I brought you here to say goodbye. I don’t love you and I never did. Don’t you see? I’m not happy. I know you want to say goodbye, so say it” she said. It was like she was choking me with her words. She slowly walked over to me and kissed my forehead. This hurt. It felt like I was being ripped from the inside out, but sadly I wasn’t. I turned around and pushed my legs forth, running away. Running away from the hurt, the sorrow, the emptiness. That’s when my nightmares came alive. I was knocked back, hitting a tree, I opened my eyes and saw a pale figure, but the end came too fast.

This was too much. I forced myself up and started to search for Violet.

Hours passed and all I had found was a muddy boot and an old what seemed like piece of mail, stating that an unknown person owed money. Soon the trees faded away and everything turned to a sand dune. I was thirsty but not for water. This much I knew.

One day later I found myself staring at a broken window. What I saw haunts me to this day. I saw Violet, but what hurt was that she was dead. She was like a leaf on a tree. Not able to stay forever.

Four days passed when something on the news caught my interest.

“Local teenager Violet Ray has been found in an abandoned house dead, reports show that her killer is unknown but there are signs of severe head trauma.” That day I died a little bit inside.

The author's comments:
Well...this was an english projest and it had to be 500 words or less. I originally had 633 words, so I had to cut and edit this. So sorry if it isn't very descriptive This was 498 words by the way. Hope you enjoy!

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