Fearing Nightmare

November 9, 2010
Every night running away, fearing my end well soon come. Running from what-running from fear-running from darkness. I'll fear that day I'll stop seeing the light, the day I'll hear my heart no more.
Sitting alone in your darken dream, no wear to go,its like if you were surround by your own darken memories.
Every night fearing that i may not wake to see tomorrow. Fearing for my own soul that has been battling Dementors trying to keep them away from me. Being sucked in by darkness and evil; transforming me into some kind of non-caring monster waiting to be unleashed.
Every night more so horrifying it makes my body numb not being able to move, not being able to wake up is the worst part; screaming, swaying, swerving trying to wake up, but it's not working. What is there more to do?
My dreams so opaque no source of light anywhere, only the reflection of evil all around. Running trying to free myself from this nightmare awaiting for my final fate.

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