Penny and Kaza

November 11, 2010
By ferretboy SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
ferretboy SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
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Penny woke up and saw her dresser pushed over, computer smashed, table demolished, and the mirrors smashed peaces of them stained with blood over her reflection. At the site of blood Penny became wide awake; she started searching herself for any cuts. When she found none she calmed down and looked around for what could have made the blood. She put her feet off the side of her tall bed then went to stand up and her feet landed with a crunch in a thick liquid that seemed to be furry, she looked down and saw that she was standing in a goat’s chest that was full of blood. Penny screamed and started crying as her parents came running into the room. They looked around at what her room had turned into then they saw that she was inside a goat. Penny’s mother had to run out of the room and her dad almost threw up and walked into Penny’s room. He picked her up out of the goat’s chest and carried her down stairs. Penny’s mom came walked into the living room with some towels just as Penny and her dad stepped off the last step. Her parents wiped the blood off of Penny’s legs; they could see that she was still shaken by what had happened. When she calmed down they asked her many questions about what happened last night. Penny couldn’t remember anything it was as if she had blacked out for the whole night. Her parents couldn’t make sense of what happened since Penny was a shy little girl that wouldn’t kill anything. When Penny went to school her parents started to clean up the mess in her room.

At school Penny felt exhausted she didn’t know why she couldn’t remember anything of last night except that she had gone to her room at six o’clock , but she didn’t remember getting into bed or getting changed into pajamas. When she had gotten to her first class there were a few boys that always picked on her by pulling on her hair, pulled pranks on her and calling her names. Penny knew that she couldn’t handle it to day so she waited for a group of kids to head to the same class so she could get in the group and sneak in. While inside the group one of the boys came up behind her and yanked on her hair. She yelled ow and everyone looked at her, her face turned the same color red as her hair. She ran through the group toward the parking lot. She stopped running when she got to an area where she could hide. A few minutes later her teacher Mrs. Carson had come to where Penny was hiding. Penny and Mrs. Carson talked for a long time, Mrs. Carson finally persuaded Penny into coming back to class. When she walked in all the students were looking at her, she wanted to run out again but Mrs. Carson was in the way. So she went and took her seat. During class Penny had fallen asleep and the boy behind her thought it would be funny if she screamed ow again so he pulled her hair. Penny’s head bolted up and she turned around, the boy saw that her once nice soft hazel eyes had become dark and cold, and told him if he did that again she would cut his head of with her pencil as she lifted her pencil toward him. His eyes opened real wide in fear and all he could do to respond was shake his head. Penny then went back to sleep. After class had ended she turned to get up to leave and the boy got up and ran for the door leaving his backpack by his desk. She didn’t understand why she had done this but through out the whole day the boys didn’t pick on her.

After school Penny went home. When she opened the gate to her house her dad came out from around it with a chainsaw to find out who it was; Penny sighed and thought to herself how could my dad be so paranoid?

A voice inside her head said to her “Well because he has you as a daughter and doesn’t want anything to happen to you.”

“What?” said Penny.

Her dad looked back and asked “What did someone follow you here to you want me to get rid of them?”

“No! No dad no one followed me. ” Replied Penny while thinking wow he needs to calm down.

“Really? You just came to that?” the voice in her head said sarcastically.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my head?” asked Penny when she walked into her now cleaned room.

The voice laughed “I’m you but not you. Were one in the same but different. You are yourself and I am myself. Does that make any sense to you?”

“Yes I understand.” Penny replied.

“Good.” Said the voice as it seemed to smile. “Now go look in the mirror if you want to know what I look like.”

Penny went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw herself but with dark cold eyes and small goat horns growing out of the red hair on her head. Penny jumped back in surprise but the reflection didn’t instead it started to walk around in the mirror.

“What you don’t like what I look like?” asked the voice.

“No. No I do its just I expected you to be different like in the book “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Penny said quickly.

“Oh.” Said the voice.

“What should I call you” asked Penny.

The voice stayed quiet so Penny left the bathroom wondering how this had happened.

That night her parents had told her to sleep in their bed with them, so she did. That morning when Penny woke up she found her parents pinned to the wall with thick iron nails in a cross position. Penny started freaking out trying to find out how this had happened.

The voice in her head came to her and whispered “Do you like my work? I did it all for you so you could get a new family like you wanted.”

“What I didn’t want a new family. Yes I wanted my parents to be normal but I didn’t want them to die. How could you do this to me?” said Penny.

“Well sorry.” Spat out the voice, “I was just trying to help. Oh the cops should be coming any minute.”

“You called them why?”

“What you weren’t going to call them when you calmed down?” asked the voice, “There’s no pleasing you is there?”

Penny didn’t respond to the voice instead she took off in the direction of the front door, only to find out that the cops were outside already. The cops caught Penny and looked at the crime scene only to find Penny’s finger prints all over the weapon that had killed her parents. They took Penny to see a psychologist named Sherry. Sherry talked with Penny for a few hours trying to find out why she had killed her parents but she couldn’t find any reason to why she would do that. She came to the same assumption that everyone who met Penny did that she was a shy and kind kid. When Sherry left, Penny looked at the window that the cops were watching her through as she talked with Sherry. Penny saw her other self.

The voice said “Isn’t great what we have accomplished together?”

“Wha…Wha… What are you talking about I’m about to go to jail, my parents are dead and I look like I’m talking to myself and I still don’t know who you are exactly.” Shouted Penny.

“Well I’m you like I said before.”

“No that’s not what I meant I meant what do I call you because calling you voice doesn’t sound right.”

“Oh that’s easy you can call me Kaza.”


“What you don’t like anything about me?”

While Penny was talking to herself, Sherry was talking to the cops on the other side of the mirror. She told them that Penny was insane and need it to go to an insane asylum. With that the cops went in and took Penny to the insane asylum that Sherry worked at part time. For a few weeks there Penny would go to sleep and then wake up instantly and start trying to break down the door and walls by running into them. When they asked her what she wanted in her room she smiled and said a mirror. Sherry got a mirror and put it on the ceiling where Penny couldn’t get to it to, hurt herself. Every time Sherry went to see how Penny was doing she always had a feeling like something was going to kill her and Penny’s eyes seemed to be different every time but she did the same thing each time lay down on the ground and look up at the mirror and talk to herself or so it seemed.

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