Bloody Memory

November 11, 2010
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John Carter’s eyes snapped open when he felt something drop on his head. He sat up and touched his forehead when he looked at his fingers he saw that they had blood on them. He didn’t know where he was or who he was for that matter or why blood had fallen on him. So he looked up and saw a mangled body hanging from the rafters of the house. The body was cut up and had a slash through his neck. He shot back against the wall in fear of what he saw but when he hit the wall an arm hit his shoulder and he jumped. When he went to see if it was a person who was still alive he saw that the arm had been severed off of someone. John got up and started to run down the hall way and everywhere he looked blood stained the halls. When he came to a door it was sealed off by a steel wall. He couldn’t figure out what was happing so he just started looking for a window so he could find a way out of this house of blood. He was running so fast that when he tried to turn a corner he smashed into the wall. He felt a little pain but he was too freighted at what he had seen to notice. Then a body fell on him he was trying to shake it off but it just wasn’t coming off so he tried running from it, but it didn’t work. Finally he had become a bit calmer, so he could think clearer. He grabbed the body and threw it off. John then looked at his surroundings and saw that there were bodies scattered around the floor of what looked like a dance floor. He saw bodies with knives in them, some missing heads and other limbs. John threw up when he saw this. Then he heard a noise coming a bit away. John didn’t know what it was all he was thinking was that it was going to kill him like it did to all these people. So he took off in the opposite direction. When he was running he came down a clean hall way so he took off full speed down it. Since he wasn’t aware of what was around him he slipped on some fresh blood. John smacked the ground so hard it knocked the wind out of him. Then when he got his air back he looked up and saw a body in the rafter with a blade jetting out of its chest and blood was just dripping off the tip of the blade. John didn’t move till the next drop had hit his mouth and had gone in it. He shot up and started coughing at the taste of blood running down his esophagus.
Then he heard the noise again, he started looking around for any place to hide then he say an elevator. He pushed the down arrow so he could get to the bottom and get out. When the elevator came he got right inside and hit the button that said “lobby.” While the elevator started going down he looked around there were mangled bodies leaning up against the sides of the elevator. So he thought it would be better to look up, when he did he saw the emergency exit was open and a body was hanging out of it. He started to gag again but didn’t have time because the elevator stated to fall. John tried to scream but nothing came out. Then it stopped suddenly 2 floors above the lobby and John smashed into the bodies on the bottom of the elevator and the one in the emergency exit landed on top of him. John quickly got up and was shaking; he was covered in blood now. When he got the elevator door open he got out and looked down the hallway and saw a sign for the bathroom. He hurried to get there so he could rinse the blood off of him. John pushed open the door and hurried in, he didn’t even bother to turn on the lights. He turned on the faucet and started to rinse of the blood then the lights flickered on. John jumped up and turned around at the door, no one was there. Then he went to rinse of more and say that he had been trying to wash of blood with blood. Now John was trembling he curled up in a ball near the sink and started to cry. When he heard the door open he tried to hid in a stall. He heard a group of people come in. Their boots made splashed in the bloody bathroom floor. Then he heard stalls being hit open. John thought to himself “this is the end.” When they got to his stall he was ready to spring of the toilet at them if they tried anything. The stall was smashed open and he saw the police.
The police asked “Are you John Carter?”
“I don’t know. I don’t even know where I am.” John answered quietly.

One of the police men reached inside one of Johns pockets and grabbed his identification card and said to his partner “Sir. This is John Carter.”
“You have to come with us, John.” said the police officer.

“Why? Where will you be taking me?”

“To jail for the crime you have committed here.”

“But I didn’t do this.”

“You did you wrote this paper and here is your signature on it,” said the officer.

With that John was taken away and put in an insane asylum. While in the insane asylum he remembered everything he did that night and just smiled at the thought of it.

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DragonRiddler said...
Apr. 21, 2012 at 4:33 pm
Ah, the insanity... I love it.
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