November 9, 2010
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basketball2356 BRONZE, Alfred, Maine
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It was a clear fall day and Julia and her fiancee Casey were out for a stroll in New York City in Central Park. The park was perfect for a day like that day. The beautiful water fountain in the center of it all, and the foliage of bright yellows and oranges. As the couple sat down on the bench, they admired the view of Lady Liberty in the distance. Moments later Julia heard rustling in the woods. She turned around and there he was. Standing tall with long, greasy black hair, his beady eyes staring into hers. He had a frightening grin. She could see what he was wearing. He was wearing dark jeans and a dark sweatshirt. This frightened Julia and she cried, “Casey we need to get out of here! There’s someone over there, looking at me.”

They made their way home and settled down on the couch, each drinking a nice, hot glass of apple cider. “Well so much for going to Central Park today, huh? said Casey.”

“I know... what a creep!” cried Julia.

“We’ll have to go again tomorrow,” said Casey.

Nightfall came and the couple went to bed. The next morning was just as perfect as the day before. While Julia was in the shower and was getting ready, Casey went down the street to the neighborhood bakery who bake fresh doughnuts every Saturday morning. Fresh Apple Fritters and Creamy Chocolate Dreams awaited Casey. “I’ll take two Apple Fritters and two Creamy Chocolate Dreams, please.” As he brought the delectable treats home, he saw footprints leading to his doorstep. As Casey entered the door, he saw shattered glass. He carefully stepped inside to see his fiancee dying slowly right in front of his eyes. He thought they would go to Central Park again today, but not anymore. Maybe the creep followed them home and had spied on the couple.

Casey frantically called 911. Dispatcher: “911, what’s your emergency?”

Casey: “My fiancee, my fiancee! She’s been shot! I need help ASAP!”

Dispatcher: “Okay, calm down, I need information on the location.”

Casey: “67 Maplewood Avenue.”

Dispatcher: “Okay thank you for the information, help is on the way.”

Within five minutes rescue services were on the scene. Their goal was to get her up and out of this place. The screaming sound of the ambulance whizzing by every street made it seem like we were going as fast as the speed of light. We arrived in the Trauma section of the ER. Doctors and nurses rushed everywhere looking for supplies to get the 9 mm bullet out of Julia.

Casey was trying to think of who could have done this brutal home invasion, but with all the chaos he couldn’t think straight. Then... It clicked. That guy; that guy in the woods giving her that gleaming stare while they tried to enjoy a peaceful afternoon in Central Park.

Casey needed to call the police department and tell them what had happened. The chief answered and told him to just come in so it would be easier. So, Casey arrived at the police department and explained what had happened. He told them that someone had broken into his house and almost killed his fiancee.

As the police and Casey showed up at his house, they also needed the detective squad. They finger-printed the sliding door handle. Also, they took a look at the video surveillance tape that it had recorded. It showed a tall man with dark clothing and dark hair. He also appeared to be wearing Timberland boots. Not only did the boot prints match, but so did the surveillance tape. It matched the guy in the woods at Central Park. Detectives and policemen made their way back to the station to scan the fingerprints through. The computer screen came up with the name of Peter McLaughlin from Saratoga Springs, New York.

Peter McLaughlin had been accused of attempted murder before. Looks like they’ll have to track Peter down. Using the advanced tracking system, they finally located him. He was located in Newark, NJ, which isn’t far from the city; only about 10 miles. Well it looks like he wanted to be caught for this horrific crime. All he is is jealous. He saw her sitting with the love of her life, and there he goes killing her. Jealousy can be a tough thing to get over. Looks like Peter won’t be able to get Julia after all.

The police were on their way to find Mr. Peter McLaughlin. They posted WANTED signs and the station number for any reported sightings. They themselves found him at the Shell station, grabbing a bite to eat. The police walked in casually, trying to seem like nothing had happened; but the man made a beeline straight for the door. Officers acted quickly and held him down. They arrested him and took him into custody the next day. But for now he is going to stay in the jail cell.

The next morning detectives and officers asked him questions like what made him want to do this and so on. He refused to answer. Well they knew that their facts were straight, boot prints and video surveillance matched the description given by the victim.

Julia was recovering fast, the bullet wound had already healed. In a few days she would be able to come back home. Casey was handling everything well, although he was still worried about his fiancee’s conditions. But Peter was behind bars in one of the most top security prisons in the nation. All was well, and the couple were scheduled to get married the following summer.

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