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November 1, 2010
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The glass blew out from the window the way you would imagine sound being thrown at you. The birds flew off. Light reflected off each little shattered whole. The sound of it all gave me goose bumps. I was scared already. Yes, I’m timid. All the pieces flew across the floor; we didn’t say anything until it was all still. The towel unraveled and fell off his hand.

“I can’t believe that kind of stuff works, like in the movies. You know?” I’m beginning to worry about this whole thing.

“Yeah I can’t believe it either. Didn’t feel a thing. Feel like a bada** though.” He looked like one of the kids that control their parents, because he does. With his dirt covered under shirt and jeans that look like a Vietnam Vet. They have seen everything. The birds started to came back, into the trees. And yes, I’m nervous. I wipe the sweat from my palms onto my sweater. My glasses are beginning to fog somehow.

“This is a terrible idea.” my palms keep on sweating. “Wouldn’t anyone have heard that? I mean it was pretty loud. Are you sure this is okay?” I’m rambling, He knows I’m nervous.

“Shut up. Just don’t worry about, okay? We will be fast.” We were just looking through what was the window. God I’m glad he said we. No one says we.

“Hey, are we really gonna hang out on Saturday? I still have to ask my mom but I really want to.” He actually said we.

“Hey, I said shut up. And you said you would help me with this. Come on.” He climbed through the hole in the wall he created. Not being careful of ripping his pants on the glass or anything. But its scaring me, the glass is going to cut me and I know there aren’t any band-aids around. “Jesus Christ, come on. Hurry.” He ran off behind a wall.

With extreme care I lift my leg and get through the hole. No cuts or rips. I started to wonder what my mother was doing. But I had to get going because he was calling my name from a different room.

I turned the corner he did and saw furniture moved all around the room. Bookshelves pulled from the walls and rugs rolled up and thrown carelessly about. God, what a mess. How did he do that so fast? I noticed how pretty the house was, wood flooring and really nice edging. But, what a mess he made of it.

“Hey, um, what exactly are we looking for? You never said…”

“And I never will. Just help, don’t just stand around.” I opened up a closet door and began to move boxes out of it.

“You made a real mess of this place.” There seemed to a thousand boxes in the closet.

“It was necessary.”

“Necessary for what?” Each box was getting heavier, but when I look in them, they didn’t hold a single thing. I guess I was getting tired. My glasses were getting dust all over them, and I had to stop every once in a while to clean them off.

“Just keep looking” I don’t understand why he’s not telling me what were looking for. It would help, wouldn’t it?

After about ten minutes there’s a little black safe in the back left corner of the closet. I get excited. I found it for him. I know I did.

“Hey, hey. Is this it, the thing?” God, he got really excited. He said we.

“Yeah yeah, that’s it.” He got up and pushed me aside, I fell to the floor a little but caught myself so he wouldn’t think I’m a wimp or something. He dragged out the safe and left nooks in the wood floor. What a character. “Alright, are you ready?” He was ecstatic by this time. Smiling and just feeling the box.

“Yeah, I’m ready. What is it?”

“This, this is end of days stuff. Clockwork Orange status. Just wait and you will see.” I had never seen him so excited about anything. “Okay, now stand up and turn around. I didn’t question a thing. He said we. I’m going to have a friend, not just my mom. I’m excited as he is. So I do as he says. “Okay, be quiet so I can get this combination. I began to wonder how he knew the combination. And how he knew what was inside the safe. “Hey, you know that song? Um, At the Bottom. Yeah, that’s it.” I heard the first number click on the safe. I’m getting more and more excited about this. Why would he bring me into this if it wasn’t the best thing in my entire life? “It goes something like. ‘There’s a lake’.”

“No, I don’t really know that...”

“Hey, would you let me sing it for ya? Jesus.” My adrenaline is pumping, he said we. So I just got real quiet. I heard the second number click.

“Okay, okay. Do I really have to stand like this? I wanna watch.”

“There’s a lake, and at the bottom you’ll find all my friends.” I heard the third click and the little door open, some snapping noises and a sweeping sound. “They don’t swim because they’re all dead.” And I watched for a split second a flash of light. All the birds left again. Then black. “Because they’re all dead.” Just, black.

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