Demon in the dark

November 11, 2010
Tick… Tick… Tick… Tick… My brother Andrew looked at me, “Stop” he said “Stop what?” I said back “The ticking noise” “I’m not doing that” When I was saying that, the noise stopped. It was about 1:00am, we were both playing Halo 2. I always snuck down stairs in the summer when my mom and dad were fast asleep. After a moment of hesitation from my brother and I, the noise started up again. Tick… Tick… Tick… Tick… he looked at me again “It must be the T.V.” he said getting up. Andrew walked over to the T.V. then put his ear next to it “I guess not” he held his ear there trying to make him self believe it was. “I hear it coming this way” I said pointing behind me; confusion crossed his face “Okay, let’s go look” “Alright” I said with a little bit of fear in my voice. I knew I was safe with my brother, so I followed close behind. We both looked up at the stairs at the same time; my head was under his. But before I looked at the stairs, looked at my brother, he looked like a little boy watching his first scary movie. That moment I knew he saw something that he would never forget. Have you ever seen something that you wish you didn’t?

I jerked my head up looking at the man sitting on our stairs, he had a long face, dark brown hair, his skin was white as snow, and dark glowing blood shot red eyes as if he was crying all his life. Something told me to get out of there as fast as possible, but I didn’t know what to do, so I nothing but stand there. “It’s a demon” I said softy so my brother could only hear, Andrew didn’t answer back, he just stood there staring at the unreal man on our stairs. The man looked up and smiled showing his teeth, the teeth were like a sharks only bigger, and sharper. He stood up, and started to walk down the stair to us, the unreal man was just about to put his hand on my shoulder on me, once he did I was just about to scream, until I opened my eyes, a hot tear ran down my face. My mom was trying to wake me up; I was screaming in my sleep, it was 10:00am when she woke me up. “Bad dream?” she said looking at me. “Like no other,” I said with a smile, happy that the nightmare was over. Later that night I had a dejavu, only I didn’t wake up, but I wish I did.

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madm0e said...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 10:33 am

Great story, the ending was a little darker than i suspected. Not bad at all.

The title kinda spoiled the story though. 

I'd suggest playing with time...or nightmares.

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