November 9, 2010
A day before Halloween , October 30th , 1998 . Sandra , Tito , Jorge , and I were in the Livingroom of my house . Trembleing , crying , asking ourselves " why ?! " . We had just found out that Jorge's Father had died at the war . Althought it was Jorge's father , he was like a father to all of us .

Later that day , police knocked on my front door . I opened , they greeted me then began talking . " We investigsted your friend's father's death . Turns out he was coming from war to visit here . . On his way here , he was attacked by 2 men ; we haven't found out who they were - but were working on it ".

I slammed the door , wondering who would do such a thing ! He was a sweetheart . . He got along with everyone , well atleast it seemed like he did . He was quite a mystery .

We all turned to eachother . We spoke with our eyes , we all wanted , desired , pleaded that Jorge's father would come back . Nothing made any sense , we were puzzled , nothing will ever make sense .

As the days passed by , I felt some weird presence in my house , now I never wanted to be home . I'd get light-headed , at he middle of the night I'd wake up hearing voices , sometimes even my furniture moved around .

Then last night , I was home alone . It was about 11:30pm , I was in my room listening to music . There was a loud bang against my bedroom door , so loud I heard it through the sounds of my headphones . I paused my music , everything seemed to be in great silence , I'll admit I was Sh****** myself , but i got dressed anyways and went to bed . It was now 3:17am , there was a whisper in my ear , I felt someone breathing on me . I kept my eyes shut , not knowing whether I should wake up or not . I didn't .

The next day I talked to Sandra , Jorge , and Tito . . They said that they had all also experienced the same as I . So we decided to sleepover my House .

It was night , about 11:45pm . We're all sleeping . Then I woke up suddenly , Feeling the sheets quickly come off , as if someone pulled them .. But who could it have been ? No explanation at all . I was scared again . Jorge got up , I think he was sleep walking .

I asked him " Where are you going ? "

He answered me rudely , " None of your d*** bussiness " .

At that exact moment I know he wasnt completely awake . Tito kept hearing voices telling him to kill me .. He was bruised . The door slammed open ! Everything got thrown around , things smashed on the floor , the door swinging itself , Jorge getting dragged down the hall .

There was only one explanation . Jorge was getting haunted the Most .

" It's your father . . . . . " , Everything stood in it's place . . The door shut , it was all Silenced . In shock , we just stood in our places , not moving .

Ever since we discovered it was Jorge's farther , all these weird unexplained paranormal activity had stopped . We'd then Realize, everything would never be the same anymore.

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