The Mission

November 5, 2010
By EerieMystery BRONZE, Schenectady, New York
EerieMystery BRONZE, Schenectady, New York
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I felt the cold breeze blow heavily against the back of my neck as I walked faster, holding the gleaming knife tighter and tighter as I trudged through the snow. I had a mission to complete and I wasn’t about to let a little frost bite stop me. It was mid-December and the snow was falling in large proportions by now, and the breeze wasn’t helping keeping me warm. A car zoomed past me and threw an empty soda can at my head. I felt my muscles clench and tighten. No, Michael, stick to the mission. I told myself grimly and continued down the deadly road.

I felt myself stop dead in my tracks as a red convertible pulled over. Rebecca… I felt my heart skip a beat. Rebecca was the only girl who didn’t hate me and wasn’t a complete jerk to me. “Are you alright?” she asked with her low angelic voice.

“I’ve been better…” I said awkwardly. Just seeing Rebecca made my heart do back flips and made me long to quit on the mission. I have to kill Joey Davison. I told myself. Joey was a very rich very powerful man who just had to die. After what he did to my sister and got away with the brutal crime just because he was friends with the judge! Sometimes the government just enrages me.

“…well?” Rebecca finished asking me something I hadn’t heard.


“Do you want a ride?”

“Yeah…no, no I can’t. I can’t involve you in this monstrosity.”

“Well…okay then…stay warm.” Rebecca said brightly after a long silence, despite the slight look of concern and disappointment that crossed over her beautiful features. Then, she was gone.

For a long while I stared after where the car had vanished and then a thought came rushing towards me like an angry bull. THE MISSION. I hurried faster down the road. I could feel my blood pulsing faster and faster with every violent step I made through the snow. I was close enough now that I could see his large mansion. It loomed in the darkness overhead of everything. It was taller than all of the trees that surrounded it and wider than any house I’ve ever seen in my life. I approached the house cautiously. With each crunching step my heart pounded louder. It was pounding in my head, ringing in my ears. Don’t wimp out now! I demanded myself.

I lunged for the looming house. As I reached the door, I discovered that the door was already unlocked. Silly man, you don’t know what might be there coming for you in the darkness. I opened the door slowly. Fearful of what might await me on the other side of the old creaking door. I hastily walked into what appeared to be a living room. It was empty. Dark, cold and empty. I searched the house thoroughly. No one was there unless he was in the basement. I felt my heart stop for a moment. I’ve always been terrified of basements. Ever since my sister told me stories of the old man who lived in basements and killed little kids I’ve been terrified. I knew she made them up, but I just couldn’t force myself to go down into one. I walked down a creaky step. There’s nothing down here. I struggled to persuade myself. No such luck. My legs wobbled and shook violently. I wanted to turn around before my legs gave out and sent me down the uncarpeted stairs. I knew that this was impossible. The mission was far more important than a simple fear.

I took another daring step down. My legs gave out and I rolled down the hard stairs and landed at the bottom…hard. I could feel something wet and gooey slide down the side of my face. I heard something faintly. I wanted to run, yet I couldn’t force myself off of the hard cold floor. I saw him! Joey Davison was leering over me with a smug smirk upon his hideous face. He looked angry and oh so hungry. I suddenly felt something sharp pang deep into my stomach and get yanked out. He was going to eat me for his dinner just like my sister! I felt it again. The piercing pang of the sharp object, only this time it ripped down. It wasn’t until this moment that I noticed it was my knife. The b****** took my knife!

I struggled to sit up, no such luck. Duh, dumb***, your stomach was just ripped open. Pretty soon Joey’s going to take out all of your organs and make a bloody soup. I thought silently to myself. I struggled to look down at my recently torn stomach. Why am I not dead? I should be dead! I said staring down at my ripped stomach.

Then I saw a sight that could stop anyone’s heart in mid-beat. Caroline…my sister. Her dead carcass was laying over me tied to the ceiling. Her eyes were missing along with all her organs. Next to her there were more and more bodies tied up to the ceiling. Joey emerged back while I was gawking at the bodies. He stopped and stared at me, his mouth dropped open into an “O” of shock. At first I lay unmoving, confused. Then I struggled to sit up. My stomach was sewing itself back together. I stared in just as much disbelieve and shock as Joey. I jumped up as quickly as I could. It still ached to move, but it felt great knowing that I wasn’t dead. So this is how vampires feel. I thought to myself and grinned. Then I noticed something else. A camera? Why on earth was there a camera in the room? He films himself eating people?

My stomach churned once more. I rushed towards the staircase and shoved Joey with a mighty heave. I reached a phone. It actually worked too. Thank god it wasn’t like in a horror movie. I thought to myself, almost chuckling. I called the police. They arrived shortly after since they were just three or four blocks away. Sure, I could’ve run, but that would mean letting him go again!

I told the police about the camera and the bodies and of their famous Joey. When the police played back the video, they seemed confused and then looked at me with what seemed to be fear. Pure terrorizing fear. An officer approached me slowly and showed me the video. “Is this your confession to murder?” He asked in a stern voice.

I stared at the video, completely dumbfound. It showed me killing people. Eating them and then me fighting with myself! Cutting my stomach and then sewing it back with some sort of un-seen force. “I am Joey Davison…” I said.

After that they took me to the mental institute. So here I am, locked in a dirty cell just like a deserved after all I did. I don’t remember doing it but I had to be the one doing it. The videos…everything.

I looked up from the small window in the door. “Fresh meat, Paul.” The prison guard said with a sly grin. I stared at the face with utter disbelieve. It was Joey, but that was impossible…I’m Joey…aren’t I?

Joey turned towards me and smiled at me then turned his head to the side and I saw a deep cut going down the side of his face. I instantly thought of Caroline. Joey suddenly broke away from the guard when I wasn’t looking and ran for my door. I felt myself cringe away and fall to the floor. “The mission…can’t forget about the mission. The mission is the most important thing…” I rambled on, talking to an empty room as the door banged on and on...

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on Dec. 12 2010 at 2:07 pm
Andy Binker Cosen BRONZE, Buenos Aires, Other
1 article 0 photos 161 comments
Very sinister, morbid, gruesome and well-written. Reminds me of those horror movies with twist endings that are more terrifying than the rest of the movie. Thanks for reading my story!


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