Love can kill (chapter 4)

November 5, 2010
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Chapter 4
Few days later, on a beautiful Saturday, Cindy went to the shopping mall. As she walked down to her car, a couple of uniform police officers walked toward her. Cindy began to feel uneasy.
“Hi, are you Miss Tyler?” a blond policeman asked
“Ye…yes” Cindy replied
“We are the Los Angeles Police Department. We understand that you were involved in the homicide that occurred at the Marley Hotel just few days ago. You need to come with us.” The blond policeman showed Cindy his police ID as he finished the sentence. Then he signaled, and showed Cindy the police car. Another officer opened the door of the car. This action reminded Cindy of the conversation she had had with Stephanie in the dressing room. The tears rolled down on Cindy’s face. She wished the tears could go away, but unfortunately, the tears were like a naughty kid, the more Cindy wanted to stop them the more they came out. At the same time, Cindy felt the world around her stop moving, except for the pain deep in her heart, which grew bigger and bigger. She wanted to get rid of it. She tried so hard, but it just grew and grew, almost devouring all her heart……
“Hey, are you all right?” a familiar voice pulled Cindy back to reality. Cindy opened her eyes slowly. She saw many people surrounding and bending their knees to stare at her. She got off the ground with a man’s help. Then the next thing Cindy knew, she was in the police car. An police officer gave her a candy bar and asked
“Do you feel better? It is the hypoglycemia that caused you to faint. Eat the candy bar so you won’t faint again. We don’t wish to get any more trouble.”
“Thanks.” Cindy murmured. She carefully opened the wrapper and bit a little corner off, then she put the rest of the candy bar into her handbag. She looked down and spoke nothing else on the way back to the police office.
Ten minutes later, Cindy was in the interrogation room. She sat down in front of a huge rectangle table; her mood was calm, but a bit nervous due to the emptiness of the room. At first, she looked down at her fingernails, on her nails were the black nail polish she just put on yesterday, and then, she started to bite her nail to kill the time and to quiet hen nervousness.
The atmosphere suddenly changed as two investigators walked in the room. Cindy’s heart beat accelerated as two investigators sat down across from her.
“Hi, I am Sarah Darling and she is Nikita Gomez,” one said as she opened up the blue folder and took out a piece of paper.
“You are Cindy Tyler right? Here is a consent paper for you, please sign your name.”
Cindy signed it without even looking at it. She just hoped that she could get out of the interrogation room as soon as possible. The investigator soon took out a recorder and began to ask.
“Based on the statements that the hotel staff made, we knew that you left the bakery around nine o’clock, which was about the time that Jason walked out the dressing room. So, could you tell us honestly where you were after you left the bakery? ”
This question made Cindy panic. She tried to recall what was happening on that day, but the only thing she remembered was that she ordered cheesecake and coffee at the bakery.
“I forgot what happened. The only thing I can think of now is that I ordered cheesecake and coffee at the bakery. And by the way, that day when I came home, I found some beer bottles on the floor, I have no idea where all the cans comes from” Cindy spoke. After awhile, she began to feel her head spinning. She quickly took out the candy bar and bit a huge bite, but it only helped a little. The two investigators exchanged a look, and then whispered to each other.
“Cindy, are you all right? Since your body feels so uncomfortable, maybe we will meet you someday in the future. I will notify you of the date tomorrow. Have a nice day, and remember to go see the doctor.” One of the investigators took out a sign in/out sheet and passed it to Cindy to sign.
After signing out, Cindy walked out of the police office. Since she left her car at the shopping mall, she didn’t know where to go, so decided to find a place to sit down and call her brother John to pick her up.

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SunnyGirl202 said...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 12:24 pm

Hey! I loved it!

Are there going to be more, or is this the last one?

JCgirl replied...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 11:53 pm

Don't wprry,there's more

Just wait and see!

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