The Dark Angel’s Revenge

November 5, 2010
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The roads were dark as I drove down our street. The water on my windshield wipers looked like blood; but that was only a mixture of my imagination and the way the streetlight shown. Can you blame me on a night like this? I pulled into our typical New Orleans shotgun house. The light was on in the living room.

Sighing I cut the engine, opened the car door and cut across our front lawn. Lo was sooooooo going to kill me for ruining her precious daffodils, the thought made me smile.
I stood on our porch digging through my bag for the key and once I found it my hand shook too much for me to unlock the door. Finally after calming myself I rang the door bell.

Wincing as our living room light suddenly shown on me, I made my way in. There sat Lo on our comfy worn out sofa, reading the latest best selling thriller. She didn’t need to get up and open the door, why should she? She was telekinetic

“I feel like an old woman.” I said. She looked up and sniffed the air. “You don’t smell right.” She said accusingly.

“Gee thanks.” Was my sarcastic reply

“Didn’t you take a gun?” she asked.

“There are other ways to kill a human you know.”

She smiled wirily.

I made my way towards our kitchen, and then paused. “You know normal adults would be worried and most likely outraged.”

Again she looked up and said “Ahhhhh but you know you’re much too headstrong, and sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands”

I turned back and stopped in front of the garbage can. Opening it I looked at my hands. Hands, what an ironic saying. You could still see the dark red satins on my black leather gloves. Sighing I pulled them off and threw them in the trash can. Then I took a match and lit the can on fire. There, no more evidence. From behind Lo asked “Is Alice alright? Why didn’t you bring her here? What about Shane? Has anyone told him?”

I walked back and sat down beside her. “Yes she’s alright. I didn’t bring her here because its better for her at Janessa’s and Shane knows nothing.”
“Oh” Lo said raising an accusing eyebrow. She was obviously asking why.

“Because whoever said ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ had a picture of Shane in their mind when they said it. I mean Shane’s naturally an angry person and the only thing he cares about is Alice and me, combine that with the fact that he wasn’t able to protect either of us and the messenger will be shot.”

Lo started to comb my hair which usually calmed me, as she thought over what I said. “You know someone will tell him. Alice is dear to us all and there are many loyal to Shane, better you, his sister, than some poor fellow.”

I felt bits of my stress go as the comb went repeatedly through my hair. “Yeah I know but I’m too tired, going on a manhunt on a school night takes a lot out of you.” Lo smiled and softly said I know. Lo was the only person alive, besides Shane, I let see me this weak. Go to sleep she said. “Mmmm hmmmm” I could already feel sleep calling me.

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