Trick? Or Treat?

November 1, 2010
By 4realwriter BRONZE, Ludlow, Massachusetts
4realwriter BRONZE, Ludlow, Massachusetts
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Setting: After noon, walking home from a long day at school are Merideth, Heather, and Liz. Three ‘popular’ girls at school.

Merideth: So Rileys taking Lisa to prom, can you believe that little s****?

Liz: Are you kidding me?

Heather: I always knew Lisa was a rebound shot...

Meridith: So yea, but like- whatever, I don’t really care. Its’ Girls Night? Right!?

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Merideth CONT’D: We don’t have to sit around and think about Ex’s. ‘Cuz we’re hot, and don’t need other guys to tell us that.

Heather: Thats why we have eachother. Especially on a night like tonight.

Liz (serious, stops walking): Why would you even say that?

Heather (turns to face Liz and Meridith): Oh, come on? It was two years ago. (begins walking again) Besides, if anything bad were to happen it would’ve happened at the one year annaversarie. Righ?

Liz: That’s not the point Heather. (Rushs past Heather and Merideth)

Heather: Whats her issue?

Merideth: Liz has become very supersticious latley...

Heather: Thats bull. Even after that night she wasn’t this bad. And if my memory serves me right, she was the happiest out of the three of us.

Merideth: I know but, just let her. Maybe its her way of getting over this.

Heather: Whatever, if something was going to come back to bite us in the a**, it would’ve already.

Merideth (looking down): Or maybe it was just waiting...(rushes ahead to meet up with Liz. Heather stops dead in her tracks, annoyed.) FADE OUT

Setting: Girls in Pjs, dark out ET: 10:30, Merideth is on the floor, Heather is sitting against the bed, and Liz is sprawled out on the bed: all doing homework.

Liz: Well, (putting down notebook) I’m done. What about you two?

Merideth: Almosssttttttttttt- done!

Heather: (oblivious, texting behind her book) I’m stuck on question six...

Liz:(Liz and Merideth exchange glances) Oh....’cuz I thought there were only five questions...?

Heather (tossing her books): Eh whatever, you both should know I dont do my own homework.

Merideth: Thats true... So who were you texting?

Heather: Who are you, my mother? (gets up and bushes hair)

Liz’s phone rings, she has a new txt from a weird number. She opens it

Meritdeth: (noticing Liz got a text- to Heather) Were you so bored you decided to text Liz?

Heather: (stops brushing and looks at Merideth) Yes, because my life is as pathetic as yours? (continues brushing) I have more important people to text.

Liz: Hey, um, do you guys know this number? (Heather and Merideth look at her phone)

Merideth: Nope (goes into closet to get sleeping bag)

Heather: Never heard of it, (continues brushing hair)

Liz: Well they just asked how the slumber party is... (Heather and Meriderth both stop, but dont turn.)

Heather: (realizing how stupid her thoughts were, shaking it off) Its probobly someone who got your number from FaceBook and saw your status...(resumes brushing hair)

Merideth: Yea...(resumes looking for sleeping bag)

Liz, getting another text: Heather...?

Heather (coming over, p***ed off but actueally scared): What now? (Reads text out loud) “I can see you and your lusish hair, Heather.” (Merideth turns and comes over)

Merideth: W-what? (Heather’s cell rings, unknown number is calling) Hello...? (waits a couple of seconds...) They hung up...

Liz: I’m getting freaked out....

Heather: Dont be such wuss. (power goes out, Merideth screams) God shut the hell up Merideth! (Heather goes over to the light swich, moves Merideth, and flips the swich.) Nice going.

Liz: I got another text...

Heather: Who cares, its probobly some phedofile whos stalking me...

Liz (reading text): Truth or Dare? Too bad, I choose Dare. I dare the three of you to come into the woods...

Merideth: Like we’d fall for that? Especially tonight! (Sits on bed)

Heather (turning toward them): Get your shoes on - Liz where are your flashlights?

Liz: Are you kidding!? Of all nights to go down there!?

Heather: Maybe if you weren’ such a wuss, you’d believe me that there is no such things as ghosts ! (Collecting herself, smirking) Now are you coming, or walking home?)


Setting: Outside the woods. Three girls wearing sweatshirts and Heather is carrying a big flashlight.

Liz: I still think that- (Heater interupts)

Heather: Lets go. (She turns the flashlight on flashing it on Merideth and Liz purposely , entering the woods)

(Liz: she is the last to enter the woods, looking to make sure no one sees them crossing the “do not enter” tape.)

Heather: Lets go Liz!

Liz: Coming!

Scene shows the three going through various shrubs, ect...

Setting: woods, Heather stopped, looking around with the light

Merideth: What> Why’d we stop?

Heather: What? Oh, nothing, C’mon ... lets go. We’re almost there...

Liz (Hearing a branch crack, and stopping) What was that?

Merideth (stopping): What?

Heather (stopping but not turning): Is poor baby Liz scared?

Merideth: Stop Heather. Do you not remember she gets anxiety attacks!?

Heather: What ever. We’re almost there. Dont be too long. (Walks ahead)

Merideth (walks over to Liz who is skittish now): Liz? Whats wrong?

Liz: I saw.....saw.....

Merideth: What? What did you see?

Liz (Begins to sob): S-S-Samantha- (We hear Heather scream)

Merideth (turns her head): Heather!? (turns back to Liz) Stay here, ok? Don’t move! (Runs in direction Heather walked) Heather!? Heather!? (Gets to the brook...quiet, too quiet, branch snaps and it makes Merideth jump. She looks to her left. Nothing.) Heather? (She sees someone across the brook, laying down facing towards a tree.)

H-Heather? Is that you? (Crosses brook, couple of feet near body.) Heather....? (Shakes body, it turns over and there is a skelleton in clothes.) Ahhhh!!!

Heather: Merideth! Help!

Merideth: Heather? Where are you?

Heather: Over here! Hurry! Theres not much time!

Merideth (goes to Heathers voice. No one is there. whispers): Heather?

Voice: Hmm? Trick? Or treat?

Merideth (Begining to cry to the all too familiar voice, eyes closed): Trick.

Voice (you can tell it has a smile on): Mmhmm.

Merideth (pushed off cliff, hear her scream, we see her still, lifeless body facing upwards next to Heathers)


Liz: Go away go away go away!

Voice: Tehehe! Trick or treat ....give me something good to eat, if you dont - i dont care, I can kill you anywhere....

Liz: GO AWAY!!!!!

Voice: Awe, it sounds like what i screamed exactly two years ago, Liz. I was telling the Swamp monsters to ‘GO AWAY!!!’

Liz: This is different! Go away! You arent real!

Voice: This is no difference! You three chased me off that cliff! And you are the one who told them to keep running when they wanted to stop but no. You knew I didnt know these woods and that I’d fall off that cliff. And what did you do after you three swore to never tell anyone? You spat at my crippled body and what did you say Liz?

Liz: Please stop!

Voice: Not till you say it!

Liz (Gets up and begins to run, the spirit of Samantha shoves her into a tree, and she falls) Go AWAY!

Voice: SAY IT!

Liz (crying now): ....Trick or Treat.

Screen goes black and we hear Liz scream.


The author's comments:
I wrote this as a script to do with my friends and we filmed it and are in the process of editing it and it will be on youtube soon. There will also be a Prologue to it coming soon!

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