The Possessed Doll

October 28, 2010
Once upon a mid-night eve there was an evil old man
With a step-daughter that lived in the darkest part of the forest
Every where she carried her doll which had an evil stare
The doll was like this because they were the poorest
There life was like a wilted bouquet arranged by a demented florist.
The doll was possessed by a demon and haunted the old man to the fullest

The old man dreamed and schemed
He must be rid of this cursed doll!
Every where he went he would see the doll in the shadows
Its creepy shadow, creepy and silent, without a noise of footfall
The old man was sitting at the table when he was hit in the head with a ball
When he looked up he thought there was blood splattered all over the wall

The old man wanted nothing more then to run away from this place.
But the doll would never let him leave with his face
The little girl never knew what the doll was planning
Until the day that everything went wrong
When the little girl noticed something that did not belong
That the doll had a rope in its hands, like it was going to play hangman

The old man finally devised a plan to get rid of the doll
So he took the doll while his step-daughter slept and went through the woods at nightfall
Then, he threw the doll over the edge of a tall cliff as the wind blew
As he was walking home he thought he heard someone behind him
He spun, sure that the cursed doll would confront him
There it was standing in front of him, then the doll spoke, saying I see you I see into you!

Where ever the old man went he would see the doll’s shadow
He would have dreams that the doll was chasing him through the meadow
In his dreams the doll would stare with it’s dead eyes unceasingly pursuing
The doll never stopped, and with every passing day he increasingly grew insane
His anxiety and fear was more than he could explain.
There after on his fingernails he was chewing

Both in waking and in dreams he heard the dolls shrill cry,
I see you, I see into you
That night he decided that he was going to end this haunting once and for all
He found a rope and went into the woods, but where he only knew
Again he felt like he was being followed, but when he turned he saw a corkscrew
He knew then what the doll was doing like it gave him a preview

Before the clock struck 12 the old man had died
When they found him he lay on his side
And there next to him was the doll holding the very rope used to kill
They may never know the whole story
Of how the old man has gone insane but be sorry
Because the old man never again squeal

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