November 3, 2010
By Class14 BRONZE, Acworth, Georgia
Class14 BRONZE, Acworth, Georgia
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Girls are like cell phones, We love to be held and talked to but if you press the wrong button you get disconnected.

I’m third in line for a crime I didn’t do. I’m being watched and the people are amused. They start counting down like this is all fun and games. 5, 4, the woman at the front closes her eyes and I cover mine 3, 2... there’s a gasp and a crash now I know I’m second. I uncover my eyes to see them taking the headless body and throwing it in a firey, dry well as carelessly as if she were lumber being casting into the bonfire as fuel to keep it blazing. As I watch I know this is my fate too. I feel my heartbeat accelerating. I want to run but there’s nowhere to go. I want to call for help but no one would care. The people are counting again. 5, I look up to see the frightened, tear soaked face of a little boy. 4, He couldn’t be over 5. 3, blond hair and green eyes this couldn’t be happening. 2, I didn’t mean to scream but it just came out “NO STOP PLEASE” but it’s too late. Now there’s one old man then it’s me. Tears are running down my face. I just can’t believe they did that. They pushe the old man to the ground and put his head on the blood covered block. This isn’t fair! It was just an accusation! He blows his wife the last kiss she’ll ever get and they start to count. 5, 4, 3, 2... this time I cover my ears and squeeze my eyes shut. I don’t want to hear the sound of the blade slashing through his neck or the low, wet thud of the head tumbling into the basket. This is cruel. We aren’t witches. I look around and see everyone I loved and held dear, excitedly counting down the seconds till my death. I was shaken from my thoughts when a big pair of glove covered hands grabbed me and jerked me forward. No not me, not yet I thought as I franticly struggled to escape his iron grasp. He looked at me through his black hood and pushed me down to the block. “NO!!” I screamed as he clutched the axe and raised it over me. The counting began. I knew this was it. My short life of fifteen years was over. As they said 3 I closed my eyes knowing I would never open them again.

The author's comments:
This was my 3 try at a halloween writing project. I think it turned out pretty good for someone who can't write scary stories.

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